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Recording Artist Index - 1999
August - - Bill Hill "Honorable Intentions"
Recording Artist Index - 1998
January - - Sunyata "Gypsy Sun, Gypsy Moon"
February - - Terry Garland "Trouble In Mind"
March - - Terry Garland "The One To Blame"
April - - Frank Schultz "A Day Like This"
May - - Puddle Duck "Fly"
July - - In Clover "Music for Silent Films"
August - - Headstone Circus "Live at Cary Street"
November - - Kimberly Burns "Wild Heart Of Mine"
Recording Artist Index - 1997
January - - George M. Lowe "Don't Be a Fool!"
February - - Billy Ray Hatley" "Big City Blues"
March - - Armwood "Omega Man"
April - - Carl Volk "Estrada do Sol"
May - - Wolftown "Mother Lode"
June - - Marcos Vinicius "Dedicatoria"
July - - Progetto Avanti "Orchestral Illusions"
August - - Todd Wayne "Behind Closed Doors"
September - - John Bullard "Bach on the Banjo"
October - - Allan Neave "...the isle is full of noises..."
November - - Fat Daddy "Back Where I Started From"
December - - Guitars A Quattro "Four For Tango"

Recording Artist Index - 1996
January - - The Ululating Mummies"Sacred Snack"
February - - Dirtball "Hillbilly Soul"
March - - Dog's New Clothes "Waiting for the Moon"
May - - May-Lily Lee "Actualities"
June - - Oscar Lopez "Dancing on the Moon Contigo"
July - - Kurt Rodarmer "The Goldberg Variations"
August - - Tim Donley "Cuttin' Loose"
September - - Eileen Edmonds "Eileen Edmonds"
October - - Patchwork "Something Off Our First Album"
November - - Bare Bones "Time Won't Wait"
December - - Big Top Blues Band "Mad Love"

Recording Artist Index - 1995
September - - Terry Garland "Edge of the Valley"
October - - John Bullard "A Classical Banjo"
November - - Janet Martin "Just Wakin' Up"
December - - Zydeco Crazy "Shake Whatcha Got!"

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The Healdsburg Guitar Makers Festival 1996 see your cronies cavort
Healdsburg Guitar Festival 1997 some great looking custom instruments and their builders
Agustín Barrios Mangoré by Johnna Jeong
Tree Talk, Inc. Non-profit wood research and software development firm
Dr. Michael Kasha The father of the "new model" for the classical guitar
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Rane RE 27 -- Technical information

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