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August, 1999

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Bill Hill - Honorable Intentions


Honor Roll Call; Jane Hill (heart), Geo Ballentine (soul), Greg Donovan, Becky Wailes, John Byrne (spiritual advisors), Mike James, Randy Blankenship & Joey Ajemian (30 years of friendship), Bruce Gibbens (a home when no one else would have me), Don & Lo Tracy (political advisers), Bobby Walsh (ears), John Nolan, Mildred Whiddon, Connie Morris & Tracy Jacob (emotional support), and all of my "Carolina Friends".

Thanks, Billy - June 1999

  1. Till the Lonely Goes Away (2:12)
    Only 25 and already thinking hard about things.
  1. Some Folks (2:36)
    Meerly an observation.
  1. Where Have All the Good Girls Gone (4:26)
  1. Bungling the Heist (2:20)
    A little ditty dedicated to all the inept criminals of the world.
  1. Not Going Back (4:10)
    Just another song about emotional confusion.
  1. Police Action (3:43)
    Written in 1984 on the day the marine barracks were blown up in Lebanon.
  1. Closing Arguments (2:50)
    Written in the evenings for Mrs. Hill during our last call together.
  1. Honorable Intentions (1:42)
    What can I say, it just sits back and starts.
  1. Better to Have Loved and Lost (4:19)
    Don't get me started.
  1. Contradictions (1:32)
    I just wonder if she thinks.

Total: 29:55

Bill Hill - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Dobro, Harp
Geo Ballentine - National Guitar
- Track 2
Becky Wailes - Vocals - Tracks 2, 3, 5, & 9
Wayne O'Brian - Bass Guitar - Tracks 3 & 5
Cocomo - Percussion - Tracks 3 & 5
Terry Hummer - Flute - Track 9
Greg Donovan - Mandolin, Vocals - Track 10
All Songs Written by Bill Hill
Recorded and Produced by Bill Hill

Recorded at Trick Knee Studios, 11/97 - 5/99

Digital Audio Mastering & Cover Graphics by Good Sight & Sound Studio, Richmond, VA

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