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Four for Tango

December, 1997
Guitars A Quattro
"Four for Tango"

Fat Daddy Back Where I Started From

November, 1997
Fat Daddy
"Back Where I Started From"

...the isle is full of noises - Allan Neave

October, 1997
Allan Neave
"...the isle is full of noises..."

Bach on the Banjo

September, 1997
John Bullard
"Bach on the Banjo"

Behind Closed Doors

August, 1997
Todd Wayne
"Behind Closed Doors"

Orchestral Illusions

July, 1997
Progetto Avanti
"Orchestral Illusions"

Dedicatoria CD cover

June, 1997
Marcos Vinicius

Mother Lode CD cover

May, 1997
"Mother Lode"

Estrada do Sol CD cover

April, 1997
Carl Volk
"Estrada do Sol"

Omega Man CD cover

March, 1997
"Omega Man"

Big City Blues CD cover

February, 1997
Billy Hatley
"Big City Blues"

Don't Be A Fool! CD cover

January, 1997
George M. Lowe
"Don't Be A Fool!"

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