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September, 1996

John Bullard
"Bach on the Banjo"
Bach on the Banjo, 1997

John Bullard has attracted international attention for his work in developing and transcribing classical repertoire for the five- string banjo. A highly-regarded bluegrass artist as well, John began playing the banjo as a child and was strongly influenced by the legendary Earl Scruggs. Bullard was on the 1992 faculty of the world-renowned Tennessee Banjo Institute, along with luminaries in the music world such as Pete Seeger and Bela Fleck.

He has performed throughout the United States and has been featured on numerous radio and television programs. His involvement in Bluegrass music includes work with New Appalachian Express, Virginia Rail, The Virginia Bluegrass Band and many others.

His recording for the Dargason Music label --John Bullard - "The Classical Banjo" -- was released to critical acclaim. "What Segovia did for guitar John Bullard may well do for the five-string banjo; elevate it to a respected classical instrument!" - Wireless Catalog.

"Bullard deserves an additional award for transcribing and developing a classical repertoire... and then having the audacity to play this music so masterfully." - Acoustic Musician.

"I love the five-string banjo. Penetrating and soulful, its personality is bewitching. I encountered "Scruggs Style" picking as a youth and was hooked. I have the same visceral reaction when I hear lutes and harpsichords. They possess that raw, plucked sound so characteristic of the banjo. In fact, when I listen to Renaissance and Baroque music, I hear banjos. The same earthy texture found in Appalachian music attracts me to the Early Music of Europe and Britain. While it is fascinating to realize the ties between Appalachia and its musical ancestors, my transcribing of "Classical" works for banjo simply indulges my passions. While drawn to the music of Bach, his contemporaries, and their Renaissance forebears... I love the five-string banjo!"

- -John Bullard


Musicians on this recording include, in addition to John Bullard:
John Patykula, classical guitar
Neil Gladd, mandolin
Paul Stokes, steel string guitar
Catherine Hubert, violin
Yen Yu, violin
Molly Ruze, viola
William Comita, cello
Michael Grant, harpsichord.

Recorded in Richmond, Virginia at In Your Ear and Big Audio

November 1995 through February 1996.

Produced by John Bullard and Jonathan Mela
Engineered by Jonathan Mela and Joe Sheets
Mastered by Dave Glasser at Air Show in Springfield, Virginia
Cover art - pen & ink by Erika Crofut


Joe Sheets for his support and guidance in keeping this project alive; John Patykula for his invaluable direction, hard work and partnership; Jonathan Mela for his coaching and keen musical insight; Dave Glasser, Guy Cantwell, Neil Gladd, Anthony J. Huvard and family at cybozone.com, Michael Grant, Bill VanPelt, Susan Bush, John Robinson, Dianne Hensley, Mom, Betsy, Abraham and Jesse.

This is for Karen...thanks for everything!


    G.F. Handel
  1. Hornpipe (from Water Music) arr. by Guy Cantwell (with permission) (4:29)

    A. Vivaldi
    Concerto in D Major (originally for lute) trans. for banjo by John Bullard
  2. Allegro (3:53)
  3. Largo (5 12)
  4. Allegro (2:26)

    F. Couperin
  5. Mysterious Barricades arr. by Neil Gladd (3:13)

    J.S. Bach
  6. Prelude from Partita No. 3 trans. for banjo by John Bullard (5:19) from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, trans. by Bullard/Patykula
  7. Menuet in G Major (2:04)
  8. Menuet in G Minor (2:01)
  9. Musette in D Major (1:17)

    A. Vivaldi
    Concerto in G Major (originally for two mandolins) trans. Bullard/Patykula
  10. Allegro (4:41)
  11. Largo (4:53)
  12. Allegro (3:47)

    J.S. Bach
  13. Fugue in G Minor (the 'Little Fugue") arr. by Bullard/Patykula/Mela (3:55) Padre Martini
  14. Gavotte, arr. by John Patykula (2:03)

    J.S. Bach
    from the Notebook for Anna Maydalena Bach, trans. by Bullard/Patykula
  15. Menuet in G Major (1:48)
  16. Polonaise in G Minor (1:09)
  17. Marche in G Major (1:35)

    G.P. Telemann
    Concerto in C Major, trans. by Bullard/Gladd/Patykula/Stokes
  18. Allegro (4:17)
  19. Grave (1:12)
  20. Allegro (2:09)

    Total Time=60:00

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Box 12, Warton, Carnforth, Lancashire LA5 9PD
Tel: 0524 7358731 FAX: 0524 736448



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