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Hello ... and ... greetings from Taiwan. Yesterday, high in the Taiwan mountains, I came accross a house being repaired. A piece of old Formosa spruce ... (1/4 inch thick, 30 inches long, 7 inches wide {with a nail hole about one inch in from the side -- deadcenter lengthwise})... was laying on the ground nearby. The wood seems to be quarter sawn with very tight straight grains. The owner let me have it and told me it was from a very large ... old growth ... high mountain tree.

I think the wood might make an excellent soundboard. However, finding an instrument maker here is hard. So, I can't get a good evaluation of the wood or advice about what kind of instrument would be appropriate for this piece of wood. (I play guitar ... but would consider having the wood made into another instrument if it is not big enough.) As you run a school for luthiers I would like to ask if it would be possible to have one of your students craft an instrument for me. I would, of course, pay for all the materials needed. In this way I could get a good instrument at a good price (Missionary salaries are not high.) and your student could get experience.

Maurie Sween, Sween@ms2.hinet.net
posted 2/21/98

First International Guitar Festival -- Tbilisi, 1998
(Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)
International Guitar Festival

For more information, visit their Website: http://www.orioni.com.ge/league/
submitted by Mikheil Tsitsishvili - League of Professionals' President

posted 12/20/97

SEEKING - ambitious guitar repair tech
For more information contact: Mark McKenzie
The Auburn Guitar Shoppe
219 N College St
Auburn Alabama 36830
phone: 334-821-6818
e-mail: auburnguitar@mindspring.com

posted 1/3/98

Collector of Unusual & Exotic Harmonicas & Related Items
For more information, hcrain@harleysharps.com

posted 1/1/98

Healdsburg Guitar Festival

1997 festival review!

posted 8/13/97, updated 9/14/97


Cal Carrera 10550 Sumerview
Camarillo California
e-mail carrera@adnetsol.com
posted 5/16/97


Srdjevic Marko
Academy of Music, Bratislava, Slovakia
Bul. S. Jovanovica, 33/9
Novi Sad 21000 Slovakia
e-mail: bojans@polj.ns.ac.yu
fax: 381-21 55713
"Searching for Ramirez, Bernabe, Contreras or similar.
Price range: 2.500 - 3.500 DM

posted 4/23/97


Sells and buys new, secondhand, antiquarian books about music for early plucked instruments, particularly the lute and early guitar.
Kenneth Sparr
Box 31
Nynashamn S-149 21 Sweden
e-mail: kenneth.sparr@swipnet.se

posted 4/21/97


Near Denver Colorado, USA
all items purchased new & used 6 months -- to build only one guitar
shipping will be extra (lot prices listed)

Matthew Woodbury
10518 Ronald Ln
Northglenn CO 80234
303-280-0920 or
e-mail: mbury39@mail.idt.net
List of items

posted 2/97, updated 9/16/97

Victor Litz Music Center, Inc., vlitz@his.com

We have 1000's of Kramer left over parts.
This is a list of some of things we have for sale.
$50.00 minimum order. Quantity discounts. Huge savings on quantity purchases.
Credit Card Orders-Please have your order ready when you call with
description and prices. Call me if you have any interest 1-800-828-5518
List of items

posted 2/12/97

Kurt Rodarmer gets great review from "Guitar Player"
The Goldberg Variations

posted 1/97

Richmond Music Center
Check out this new Web site Richmond Music Center, providing professional tools for professional players.
posted 1/97

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