Even your best roadie can't switch you from electric to acoustic as fast as the Fishman Powerbridge®.

Announcing one of the most exciting things to happen to both the electric and acoustic guitar worlds in decades: The Fishman Powerbridge. It's a revolutionary new bridge pickup that allows you to get an acoustic sound from any Strat® or Tele® -- instantly)

Ht-100P Tele-style
HT-100P Tele-style

Ht-100P Strat-style
VS-100P Strat-style vibrato

It's acoustic, but it's not unplugged.

The American-made Fishman Powerbridge is the result of decades of transducer research by Larry Fishman - the preeminent authority on amplifying any instrument's natural acoustic sound.

Here's how it works. Every guitar passes vibrational energy back and forth between the strings and the body wood. This energy, which travels directly through the bridge, is what gives an instrument its tone. The Powerbridge takes advantage of this by placing a pickup precisely at the witness point of each saddle - the point where string meets bridge. This unique design senses the vibrations of the instrument's body wood like no magnet pickup can, setting free the natural acoustic potential of the instrument.

Keep the Strat or Tele sound you love.

Simple to install, the Powerbridge in no way alters the integrity of the guitar. Plus, it's a totally passive, battery-free system. Because the Powerbridge replaces your instrument's bridge, rather than its existing pickups, it does nothing to change the signature tone you bought your instrument for in the first place. Instead, it acts as a additional pickup which can be used on its own, or blended with the other pickups to create a whole new category of guitar sound. You won't believe it until you hear it.

Guts, response and snap.

The hardened steel ball bearings in the Powerbridge act as string guides providing a smooth, quick action with plenty of snap and brightness. You hear the woody warmth of the guitar's body, along with the shimmer you expect to hear only from a steel-stringed acoustic.

The critics are anything but critical.

"If any gizmo that's rolled across my desk in the last year has a chance of becoming the Floyd Rose Whammy Bar of the 1990's, it's the Powerbridge... It's an exciting, even revolutionary device that I highly recommend to any one who, to coin a cliche, is looking for the best of both worlds. Check it out, ASAP." (Guitar Shop, August 1995) We couldn't agree more.

Once you hear it, you'll switch.

Hear and play the Power bridge at your nearest Fishman dealer. For a dealer near you call 508-988-9199.

Formats and accessories.


    1. HT-100P Tele-style
    2. VS-100P Strat-style vibrato
    1. Active on board vol/tone control
    2. Stereo &-Cable
    3. Stereo Cable
    4. Powerblend Splitter / D.I.
    5. Three-way selector switch
More information on the Powerbridge.Schematic variations for the Powerbridge

Fishman Transducers should be installed by properly trained, qualified personnel to insure optimum performance. If you need assistance locating a qualified installer, contact Gitarmkr@CyboZone.com.

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