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Discography Online Order FAQs

How can I have my CD profiled on this page?
Easy, simply submit a copy of your CD along with its 'liner notes' to us. We do have many submissions; we carefully review each one. . . then schedule our favorites for publication. . . If you have a new CD. . . send us a copy right away. New artists and their first CDs get priority here. . . . After all its the new kid on the block that needs P.R., not the established artist.

What kind of music do you review?
We accept submissions from all kinds of folks. . . typically we try to promote individual artists. . . though many ensembles are chosen too. Because we are a guitar oriented site, we tend to favor acoustic music, but every now and then we try to include something more avant garde.

Why should we buy the CD from you?
Well, it is important to support your local dealer. . . But remember. . . we specialize in new releases from new artists. . . that are not typically in mainstream distribution. . . and we can get the new release to you soon 'cause we stock 'em. . . .

Do you have any CD's other than the artists you select for publication?
Yes. . . we are associated with a specialty supplier that stocks 100,000 titles. . . and deals exclusively in CD's. . . . If you would like a catalog or would like to be put on our "new releases" mailing list, just let us know. . . . We'll be happy to provide you with a catalog.

Do you ever sell used CDs?
Yes! We have approximately 8,000 used CDs in stock at any time. . . and we would be happy to supply you with a current list. . . . All you gotta do is ask. . . and by the way, we also buy and trade used CDs as well.

Can you special order a CD for me?
Of course! We are happy to accommodate special orders. . . . E-mail us what you want, title artist or catalog number and we'll do the rest! What about hard-to-find or out-of-print titles. . . can you get those too? Well, . . . we'll sure try. . . . We have a fantastic search capability and if anyone can track down that CD for you, we can!

Do you inventory the CDs in-house?
No. . . we have a marketing agreement with a specialty provider -- http://www.plan9music.com of Richmond, Virginia. They have a fantastic selection of new and used CDs.

Do you sell cases for CDs or racks. . . . How about CD cleaners, or storage boxes?
No - - we don't, but http://www.plan9music.com does. . . . Want us to send you a catalog?

How does the online order form work?
It's simple. . . just tell us what you want, how many copies, and provide us with payment information - hit the submit button, and we'll ship your order directly to the location that you request. . . . We can even include a 'gift card' with your comments included. . .

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