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Customized Challenger Plus Gig Bag
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Hemp is nature's strongest fiber, with a natural resistance to moisture. We've also heard that its been around the music business for a lot longer than we've been making bags! We import the hemp already woven (which is perfectly legal) from India. We use an Ikat edge treatment on our hemp bags, hand-woven by natives deep in the Guatemalan rainforest. Our hemp bags feature the same styling as our popular Challenger series with identical foam. Prices range from $75 to $90.
Material: Hemp and hemp/cotton blends with hand-woven Ikat trim
Webbing: 900 lb. per inch nylon
Color:Natural unbleached hemp, Indigo blue hemp
3rd.HP-1 Solid body electricStrat, Les Paul
3rd.HP-2Electric bass Precision, Jazz
3rd.HP-3Acoustic DreadnaughtDreadnaught, jumbo acoustical
3rd.HP-4Acoustic shallow bodyClassical
3rd.HP-5Acoustic bassMost acoustical bass guitars
3rd.HP-6Double electricTwo solid body electrics
3rd.HP-7Double bassTwo bass guitars
Ikat Gig Bag Ikat fabric swatch
We purchase our hand-woven Ikat fabric from villagers deep in the Guatemalan rainforest. By providing economic and cultural stability to the indigenous people of the rainforest, we help them to live in harmony with nature in the delicate ecosystem of the rainforest. And that's good for all of us. Due to the handmade nature of the fabric, colors are constantly changing. We will ship the widest assortment of patterns and fabrics available at the time of your purchase, Ikat bags are crafted of the same materials as our Challenger series, with a full one inch of foam. Prices range from $75 to $90.
Material: Hand-woven cotton weave fused to nylon backing
Webbing: 900 lb. per inch nylon
Color: Various hand-woven patterns and colors

3rd.CP-1 Solid body electric Strat, Les Paul
3rd.CP-2Electric bassPrecision, Jazz
3rd.CP-3Acoustic DreadnaughtDreadnaught, jumbo acoustical
3rd.CP-4Acoustic shallow bodyClassical
3rd.CP-5Acoustic bassMost acoustical bass guitars
3rd.CP-6Double electricTwo solid body electrics
3rd.CP-7Double bassTwo electric bass guitars

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