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Musicians and Instrument Makers Forum

July 18, 1997 -- MIMF hosts and luthiers Nicholas Von Robison and Deb Suran cordially invite you to visit the only Web-based interactive discussion forum dedicated solely to the needs of instrument makers and luthiers, although musicians with an interest in the art and craft of building musical instruments are more than welcome too. We're not a clunky newsgroup or a mailistserver -- MIMForum is something unique and different from what you've probably experienced before. Our goal is to build a worldwide online community of kindred spirits that is broad and self-sustaining and we have a long term commitment to seeing this through. We invite those of you who build musical instruments of any stripe or color to stop by the MIMForum, say hello, post a message, reply to a question, or just check us out. Whether you're a hands-on builder or an aficionado we have something for everyone, although the MIMForum needs your participation to be viable. We're offering the vehicle and paying for the gas. You take the wheel and drive it wherever you want to go.

We also welcome those of you who offer tools and materials to the instrument-building community, or publish periodicals related to musical instruments and their construction, to participate in the MIMForum. And, you can help support this endeavor by purchasing ad space on the forum, and/or by exchanging reciprocal ads in your publication. Have your own webpage/site? If you like our forum and the idea behind it, please add a link to www.mimf.com at your site. Thanks for your consideration and we'll see you there!

Debbie Suran mailto:deb@mimf

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