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December, 1995
Featured Artist

Zydeco Crayz

"Shake Whatcha Got!"

Dedicated to the memory of Mr. Delton Broussard and Mr. John Delafose and Ralph Rinzler
Special acknowledgement to: Canray Fontenot, Calvin Carriere, Shelton Broussard (my Zydeco brother), Geno Delafose, Roy Carrier, Boozoo Chavis, Willis Prudhomme, Michael Doucet, Marc and Ann Savoy, Larry Miller and my very good friend, Tracy Schwarz. Each in his own personal way has helped to bring the community of Southwest Louisiana a little closer to ours.

CD Design Concept: Trent Van Blaricom
CD Graphic Design: Chameleon Design - SueEllen Lawton & Jeanne Pearson
Contributing Photographers: Trent Van Blaricom, Sandy Gibbons, SueEllen Lawton and Wayne Bell
Recorded & Engineered at Solo Studios, Fairfax, VA by Paul Story (assisted by Paul R. Story)
Mixed by Trent Van Blaricom, Doug Bell and Paul Story
Produced by Trent Van Blaricom

Eastern Market
On the third Friday of each month, Zydeco Crayz has played Zydeco music to benefit the restoration of the Eastern Market, one of the last "open air" markets in Washington, D.C.


1. Sweet Bernadette (Traditional/Zydeco Crayz)
Bernadette must have been a popular girl. I found many versions of this popular Zydeco tune. Our version blends the styles of Preston Frank, Roy Carrier and Fernest Arceneaux.

2. Oh 'Tit Johnny (Traditional)
Although originally popular as a Cajun tune and recorded by Aldus Roger and the Balfa Brothers, many Zydeco bands have recorded this tune including Clifton Chenier and Zydeco Force.

3. Keep Your Dress Tail Down (Boozoo Chavis/Flat Town Music BMI)
Boozoo is known for some of the more unique lyrics in Zydeco music such as on the uncut versions of Uncle Bud and Deacon Jones. This tune speaks to more helpful social guidance from the King of Zydeco.

4. Loup Garou (Zydeco Crayz)
Loup Garou is a Cajun werewolf. Doug Bell and I made this one up in my living room while working on some other Zydeco tunes. Must have been a full moon out. Oh baby I'm gone.

5. Midland Two Step (Traditional)
I learned this traditional Cajun tune while playing fiddle, (sitting in for an under-the-weather Calvin Carriere), with Delton Broussard & the Lawtell Playboys in West Virginia . . . a time I'll never forget!

6. Blue Runner Blues (Bebe Carriere/Flat Town Music BMI)
Bebe Carriere, Calvin Carriere and Canray Fontenot unusually beautiful tunes in the old Creole style. This is one of the most hanunting fiddle pieces that I have heard.

7. Zydeco Stomp (Traditional/Zydeco Crayz)
The first part of this tune borrows heavily from the Cajun tune, Bosco Stomp. Bosco is a small community north of Scott, Louisiana. This one always seems to rock the dancers.

8. Baby Please Don't Go (Traditional)
Another New Orleans blues tune that worked its way into many Zydeco bands via Delton Broussard, Ambrose Sam and Beau Jocque.

9. Shake Whatcha Got (Zydeco Crayz)
Heavily borrowed from Clinton Chenier's Hot Tamale Baby, we have heard variations from Boozoo Chavis and Preston Frank.

10. Ton Mama (Touchet/Zydeco Crayz)
We have borrowed the words from Willis Touchet's Old Fashioned Two Step and added it to our own Zydeco beat.

11. Barres de la Prison (Traditional)
Earlier recordings czan be traced to Douglas Bellard although Canray Fointenot surely made it popular with his infectious fiddle playing and vocals. Merci Canray!

12. Madeleine (Traditional)
Another traditional Cajun tune, it has worked its way into the Zydeco repertoire via The Lawtell Playboys, Boozoo Chavis and Zydeco Force.

13. Canray's Bernadette (Canray Fontenot/Traditional Music Co. BMI)
This is yet another hot fiddle tune I learned from the great Creole fiddler Canray Fontenot who never played it the same way twice. The band has so much fun it's hard to stop this tune.

14. Lucille (Traditional/Faulk)
This blues tune may be attributed to the early playing of Claude Faulk and has been recorded by the late Delton Broussard and the Lawtell Playboys, Zydeco Force and others.

15. Morning Train (Clifton Chenier)
I first heard John Delafose & the Eunice Playboys play this tune down at Richard's Club outside Lawtell, Louisana. John Delafose played this tune on the piano accordion on mostly the black keys. Out version is on the triple row.

16. Danse de Mardi Gras (Traditional)
This is one of the standards of any dance band in Louisiana. We blended the traditional Cajun verses with our own haunting Zydeco melody.

All songs arranged by Zydeco Crayz except as noted. -- Trent Van Blaricom


TRENT VAN BLARICOM (accordions,fiddle, vocals)
From Canray Fontenot and Calvin Carriere, I learned the fiddle, from Delton Broussard and Willis Prudhomme, the single row; from Geno Dalafose and Roy Carrier, the triple row; and from my folks, Dutch & Freda Van Blaricom, I learned how to live life to its fullest. With this music, I hope to pass along a little of what you've given to me.
DOUG BELL (guitar,vocals)
I dedicate this effort to the spirit of my friend and mentor, Ralph Rinzler, whose great efforts contributed to the documentation and promotion of the early music of Southwest Louisiana.
WES CRAWFORD (drums, percussion)
Thanks to Ginny Snowe, Karen Collins, Trent Van Blaricom and Doug Bell for introducing me to this exciting music. Special thanks to my family for their support of my musical endeavors.
Dr. Michael Grinder invited me to Wolf Trap to see Buckwheat Zydeco and mentioned that he could imagine me playing the frottoir. A few months later that's exactly what I was doing, with Zydeco Crayz -- the best bunch o' guys you could invite to a BBQ.
DOUG ROSS (bass) Doug has left to play bass with a progressive multi-national circus performing in Japan for two years. Zydeco Crayz is proud to have shared his talents.
I would like to thank Wes Crawford and Doug Ross for introducing me to Doug Bell, Trent Van Blaricom and Zydeco Crayz.
SAKINA THOMPSON (frottoir, vocals)
To Roy Carrier, Atlanta and all the people of Southwest Louisana who welcomed me into their music and their friendship, I will aways be indebted. And especially to Mr. Bois Sec Ardoin who got me "ahead of the train" . . . you are with me whenever I play.

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