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acoustic matrix The heart of the system is the pickup itself. The patented design solved the age-old problems of string balance, string spacing and wire-hole placement making it applicable to all guitars. The pickup material is a highly sensitive copolymer specifically formulated for guitars and available worldwide only from Fishman. The short distance from the undersaddle pickup to its internally mounted preamp maintains the integrity of the information-loaded pickup signal. Acoustic Matrix Pickups are available in 1/8" and 3/32" formats.

acoustic matrix

Acoustic Matrix Hot and Natural, available in both Standard (1/8" - 3.2MM) and Narrow (3/32" - 2.3MM) Format. Suggested List $139.95
order # FI.PRO-MAT-NAT (natural, standard format)
order # FI.PRO-MAT-HOT (hot, standard format)
order # FI.PRO-MAN-NAT (natural, narrow format)
order # FI.PRO-MAN-HOT (hot, narrow format)


acoustic matrix professional

The flagship of the Fishman line, it has set an industry standard for performance. The small, feature-packed, four-band equalizer represents cutting-edge technology with its surface-mount electronics, phase control, and ergonomic sliders. It also features preset sub-bass, low battery LED, and a tasteful, unobtrusive control housing. The Acoustic Matrix Professional is designed to be compatible with all pickups and different sized guitars. A special nylon string version is also available.

Acoustic Matrix w/Onboard Slider Preamp available for Guitar, Bass, and Classical Guitar. Available in both Standard (1/8" - 3.2MM) and Narrow (3/32" - 2.3MM) Format. Suggested List $249.95
order # FI.PRO-MAT-SLI (guitar, standard format)
order # FI.PRO-MAN-SLI (guitar, narrow format)
order # FI.PRO-MAT-SBI (bass, standard format)
order # FI.PRO-MAN-SBI (bass, narrow format)
order # FI.PRO-MAT-SCI (classical, standard format)
order # FI.PRO-MAN-SCI (classical, narrow format)

Fishman Transducers should be installed by properly trained, qualified personnel to insure optimum performance. If you need assistance locating a qualified installer, contact Gitarmkr@CyboZone.com

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