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Is pleased to announce. . .

Luthier's Web Site Development Services

Have you ever considered having your own website? Well now you can! ! CyboTech uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce websites for individuals and companies worldwide. For a limited time, we are offering our services to professional luthiers at a special rate! Your website can include images, forms, e-mail links and any other information you wish to impart. . . . What better way to showcase your products and services than to spotlight it on the web. We can arrange for a private domain, or your site can run at Famous Guitarmaker Internet World Headquarters. (We have had nearly 3 million visitors in the last 9 months! ! ! !) We do all HTML, CGI scripting, Java, and ShockWave in-house; we can even build online order forms and provide secure channel credit card transactions if you like! All of our sites are enhanced for optimum viewer satisfaction by formatting them in Netscape 3.0 ®. Why wait? . . . . Establish your presence on the web now! It's easy and affordable and we maintain the site for you. All you have to do is send us your copy and photos, and we'll do the rest. For a free private consultation about the benefits of being on the web and how to get started now, contact


Wanna know how much it costs?

Sure, we'll tell you...
We charge all LUTHIERS the same price and they get a GREAT deal! We will scan photographs, convert copy to HTML, design custom mail forms using CGI and link to your current e-mail address and provide custom graphics on your five page site... and maintain the site for you, for the UNBELIEVEABLE PRICE of $50 per month! ! ! There are no additional charges, no secret agendas, just the best price available on the Web for a CUSTOM SITE. We'll even link to your new site, at no additional cost, from our "Luthiers Around the World" here at Famous Guitarmaker Internet World Headquarters!

So! What are you waiting for?

Join the ranks of the CyberLuthiers NOW and open your global storefront... Start harvesting e-mail and cash! ! ! :-)


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