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The Fishman Pocket Blender® is built around the same concept as the Acoustic Blender, yet in small enough to fit inside the pocket of a guitar case. Mountable on a mic stand, the Pocket Blender offers separate volume, bass, treble, and phase control over mic and transducer. In addition, it has two effects loops, one each for mic and transducer. Plus both high- and low-impedance outputs for the master channel, so it can be used with all amplifiers, mixers, and home-studio recorders. The Pocket Blender provides several other extras, such as low and high EQ switches for the mic channel (to eliminate excessive boominess and feedback), and 9-volt battery or optional AC adapter operation. There's also an imput trim control on each channel that lets the musician match the mic and the transducer levels -- a plus when setting relative volumes in performance. There's also a phantom power switch, a mute switch for all outputs, a ground lift switch for breaking possible ground loops, and a low-battery-life indicator. Battery life is estimated at a generous 70 hours. The Pocket Blender is terrific for all acoustic stringed instruments, such as guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, autoharp, dulcimer, acoustic bass, harp, and more.

Basic Pocket Blender Suggested List $359.98, order # FI.PRO-BLE-POC, a full range of accessories for the pocket blender are also available, see catalog.

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