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Furman PL-Tuner


It's a power protection device, it's a rack illumination system, it's an instrument tuner! The PL-TUNER is the perfect accessory for any musician's rack-mount system. lnstall a PL-TUNER in the top slot of your rack, and the eight switched AC outlets on the rear panel will power up all your equipment while its two slide-out light fixtures provide discreet illumination on stages, in studios, and in other dark places. A dimmer control lets you adjust the lamp brightness to just the right level.

The PL-TUNER protects your delicate electronic equipment by combining a high voltage surge and transient suppressor with an RFI/EMI interference filter. The fast-acting suppression circuit clamps transient voltages to safe levels. The peak clamping voltage is 250 VAC, effective for spikes on any of the three AC conductors, and the clamping circuitry can absorb a total of up to 240 joules. These specs indicate a very high degree of protection compared to competitive products. The RFI/EMI filter works to prevent noise from fluorescent lights, certain dimmers, radio transmitters, and similar sources of "electronic pollution" from contaminating the AC line and from there, leaking into sensitive audio, video, or computer circuits. This filter is a low-pass type, composed of five high-voltage capacitors and two chokes. It passes the low (50 or 60 Hz) line frequency while rejecting high frequencies, with maximum attenuation in the region from 1 to 100 MHz.

The eight circuit breaker protected outlets are rated at 15 amps. The PL-TUNER's lamps come supplied with 7 watt night-light bulbs. Replacements are readily available at most hardware stores or almost anywhere household light bulbs are sold. Bulbs are easily replaced without removing the unit from the rack by unscrewing the cap on the end of each light tube.

The PL-TUNER has a master switch for the rear outlets which lights up when the power is on. There is also a separate switch for the lamps, allowing you to check your rack's settings before applying power to it.

Furman Tuner detail


Tuning a stringed instrument with the PL-TUNER's Ultra Stable Tuner is easy. Simply plug the instrument into the INSTRUMENT jack, and with another cable connect the AMP jack to the amplifier input. Leave the instrument connected this way so the tuner is always available for a quick tuning check. This will not load or distort the signal in any way, nor cause a loss of highs. If no note is plucked, the green IN TUNE light (top center, between the FLAT and SHARP lights) will flash once per second to show that the tuner is ready and receiving power.

To tune quietly so that the audience doesn't hear the tuning tones, press the AMP MUTE button. Press it a second time to route the signal on to the amp.

Now play a single note, and adjust that note until the desired Note Indicator light is ON. For example, to tune a D string on a guitar, pluck that string and turn its tuning peg until the D Note Indicator is ON.

Slowly make the final adjustment until the green "IN TUNE" light at the top center of the display is ON. The SHARP and FLAT lights blink more slowly as you approach IN TUNE. Observe this "visible beat" as you are tuning, and you will be able to hit IN TUNE every time without overshoot.


Fully Automatic Operation: The PL-TUNER will sense and automatically select any note within its seven-octave range. Once the note is selected, mode switching is fully automatic. The mode is fast during the initial search for the note. Then it switches to a medium speed during the second or so while it is settling on the new note. Finally, when the circuits decide the note is "locked on," the tuner switches to slow mode, which provides the greatest accuracy and minimum jitter from noise. Most tuners have only one mode, a compromise between speed and accuracy. Some provide a FAST/SLOW manual switch. The PL-TUNER does it all automatically.

Superior Noise Rejection: Nothing has been spared in the design of the PL-TUNER's circuitry to provide the ultimate in noise rejection. This is the only tuner which can provide steady, accurate readings from a signal degraded by hum, hiss, fret buzz, sympathetic vibrations, or leakage from other instruments.

Proportional Tuning Indicator: Most tuners with LED displays show the tuning error in only a few steps. This makes it hard to tune accurately. A wide step means too much "dead space" (audible changes in the tone produce no change in the display). A narrow step means you can easily overshoot the IN TUNE point. The PL-TUNER avoids this frustrating problem by providing a simple LED display with a continuous, proportional indication of tuning error. The SHARP and FLAT lights blink rapidly when the note is far out of tune, and blink more slowly as IN TUNE is approached. This "visible beat" provides a natural feel to the tuning process that musicians really appreciate.

Dimming the Tuner LED Display: You can enter a special low-brightness mode by turning off the master power switch and turning it back on again in less than a second. If you leave it off longer than a second before turning it back on, normal brightness will return. (This does not affect the rack lights.)


Rear view of PL-Tuner and PL-Tuner-E
Rear view of PL-TUNER and PL-TUNER-E



Scale: Even Tempered, 12 notes per octave
Range: Seven octaves (C1 through B8)
Accuracy:± one cent (uses quartz crystal)
Noise Rejection:14 dB maximum noise level (white noise relative to sinusoidal signal) at which tuner will still read accurately
Tuning Error Indication: Sharp & Flat LEDs: 4 blinks/sec for every 10 cents error
In Tune LED: ON at 1.5 cents error, OFF at 4.0 cents error
Mode Switching (FAST...SLOW): Automatic, 3 levels


Current rating: PL-TUNER: 15 amps; PL-TUNER-E: 10 amps
Input Voltage: PL-TUNER: 85 to 130 VAC; PL-TUNER-E: 195 to 260 VAC
Spike Protection Modes: Line to neutral, neutral to ground, line to ground
Clamping Voltage, all modes: PL-TUNER: 250V peak (177V rms); PL-TUNER-E: 500V peak
Response time: 1 nanosecond
Maximum surge current: 6,500 amps (8 x 20 µs pulse)
Maximum spike energy: 80 joules per mode; 240 joules total
Noise attenuation: Transverse and common modes: 20 dB at 200 kHz, rising to >40 dB, 1 to 100 MHz

Agency Approvals: UL listed; CUL listed

Suggested U.S. retail price: $279.50
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