"The Master Violinmaker"
by Paul Fleisher
"John Larrimore holds a maple board between his thumb and finger. He taps it. The best pieces of wood ring like a bell. When he hears that clear, pure sound, Larrimore knows that he can begin.

"In simple text and striking full-color photographs, The Master Violinmaker captures a skilled craftsman at work. Using traditional tools and methods that have been handed down for hundreds of years, Larrimore cuts and planes and carves, turning a few pieces of carefully chosen maple and spruce into a graceful instrument that sings with a strong sweet voice. Here is a vivid and satisfying introduction to a very special art."

-- Inside front jacket.

" With a thin-bladed coping saw, he carefully cuts the outline of the violin from the wood."

"He cuts graceful, curving f-holes into the top of the violin. A violin is just a wooden box with strings. When a musician bows the strings, the air inside the box vibrates with sound. The f-holes allow the sound to come out."

"Larrimore glues the back of the violin to the ribs. When the glue dries, he removes the mold."

Text copyright 1993 by Paul Fleisher; illustrations copyright 1993 by David Saunders
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston
ISBN 0-395-65365-7

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