Suggested Reading

We recommend that all seeking information on the craft begin by aquiring and reading as many of the following titles as possible. Books, Periodicals. Or, for a more in depth reading list , check out Famous Guitarmaker Internet World Headquarters (Books and Articles, Periodicals and Online Magazines, and Others). Also available -- Instrument Repair Reading List


Backus, John Bellow, Alexander

Bone, Philip J.

Doubtfire, Stanley

Fisher, Michael E.

Fleisher, Paul

Galpin, F.

Grunfeld, Frederic V.

Helmholtz, Hermann

Jeans, Sir James

Mace, Thomas

Mendez, Guillermo Flores

Mersenne, Marin

Munoz, Richard

Natelson,and Cumpiano

Oribe, Jose

Overholtzer, Arthur E.

Overholtzer, Arthur E.

Panum, Hortense (Danish)

Passarelli, Dominick A.

Prat, Domingo

Romanillos, José

Schlosser, Julius

Segovia, Andrés

Sharpe, A. P.

Sloane, Irving

Tanno, John Whitaker

Taylor, J.

Teeter, Don E.

Wachsmann, Klaus P.

Wake, Harry S.

Wallo, Joseph F.

Weber, Constance

Winckel, F.

Young, David Russell

Young, T. Campbell



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