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Every now and then . . . the angular alignment of the planets creates the perfect environment for the development of genius. When time and space collide, events of great magnitude occur. Here is an awe-inspriring example of that brilliance. . . one that takes you right to the LEADING EDGE.... We are honored to present the recent work of...

Jay T. Hargreaves, Luthier
Seattle, Washington

......Inspired by the work of Richard Schneider and Dr. Michael Kasha, Jay Hargreaves radical new acoustic/electric bass pushes the envelope of traditional guitar design......

January 09, 1996

Dear Tony,
Here I am joining the ranks of the cyber-luthiers. I'm ready for the new millennium. My e-mail address is JTHbass@.wolfenet.com

Enclosed you will find my background info, and pictures for you. Unfortunately the full shot of the sea serpent bass didn't come out, so I've only sent the close-up of the neck. I've made a special stand to hold the acoustic guitars to facilitate photo shoots. I'll send you new photos when they are ready, but it will be a while.

There will be an article coming up in Acoustic Guitar Magazine that will have my bass in it. It is written by a guy named Harry Fleishman, who builds some really nice instruments. I don't know what issue it will be in, but I'll let you know as soon as it comes out.

I am currently building only the new acoustic basses utilizing the Kasha bracing design. The price will be $5,000.00 and up. The top of the line Jaybird recording model will feature a Kasha bracing system, sitka spruce top and back, figured maple sides, wood binding, eastern maple neck, 24 fret ebony fingerboard, built in microphone and peizo pickups in the bridge saddles, color selections are yet to be determined. This outstanding instrument will set the standard to which other basses will be measured!

Thanks for the call, it was great talking with you again. I'll call after I get back from NAMM.

Jay T. Hargreaves
20226 2nd Ave S
Seattle WA 98198