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is pleased to announce the availability of a fabulous new resource for instrument makers and woodworkers worldwide! This is the very same source we use when seeking information on unusual and rare species of hardwoods. . .

Tree Talk, Inc. is a non-profit wood research and software development firm based in Burlington, Vermont. We have spent the past three years collecting data from more than 100 books, periodicals, research institutes, and businesses to create the world's first multimedia databases on wood. Woods of the World software series is designed to:

  • save you time
  • make your business or research more productive and profitable
  • help conserve the world's forests.
  • Whether you're a serious researcher or a casual wood hobbyist, our programs will immerse you in a world full of pictures, maps, video, and thousands of pages of data, covering 900 species.

    With version 2.0 (released in February, 1996) and our recent introduction of Woods of the World Compact, we now have three affordably-priced products to fit the needs of every individual, business, and organization interested in learning more about the world's many interesting and useful wood species.

    What others are saying about Woods of the World:

    "If you have a relatively new computer and an interest in wood, Woods of the World is not to be missed!" Environmental Building News

    "We tried it, we liked it|" Popular Woodworking Magazine

    "A real winner...a great deal of extremely useful information about wood." G. Berlyn, Yale University, Journal of Sustainable Forestry

    "A fabulous concept." John Arno, Fine Woodworking Magazine

    "If you're a woodworker, an architect, a designer or a hobbyist with a serious interest in wood, Woods of the World is the most important computer resource on wood you can own." Workbench Magazine

    For more information, on how you can acquire this wonderful resource for your library, contact:

    Mr. Don Cass, Marketing Director
    Tree Talk, Inc.
    PO Box 426, 431 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 05402
    Toll Free: 800-858-6230
    Phone:802-863-6789, Fax: 802-863-4344
    e-mail: wow@together.net


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