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Although you will seldom find it published, a manufacturer's philosophy is indeed built into every product. We believe that true quality is in the details. It's seen in the painstakingly chosen precision components, in the neat and solid construction in the comprehensive manuals, and the most importantly in the care and concern of the dedicated people at Rane that make it all happen, here in our custom designed facility.

AP 13 Acoustic Instrument Preamplifier

General Description

Dedicated to the needs of the acoustic musician, the AP 13 Acoustic Preamplifier is a full-featured package specifically suited for instruments with two pickups. The AP 13 provides two signal processing paths: one optimized for piezo pickups and one for microphone pickups. The piezo path features very high input impedance for extended low bass response; while the mic processing channel offers two choices of phantom power voltages satisfying most electret condenser mic pickups. Additionally, either channel accepts dynamic pickups or line-level outputs from outboard preamps. A convenient front panel slide switch allows choice of which pickup is wired to the tip or the sleeve of the stereo 1/4" input jack. Handy pickup gain controls feature large openings for quick changes using guitar picks, fingernails or coins. And separate pickup overload indicators make gain set-up easy.

Easy pickup signal path contains an Invert switch, an adjustable Low Cut filter, a 7-band graphic equalizer, a Pan control and a separate Level amplifier, all logically arranged along the front panel using smooth-acting oil-damped sliders for the ultimate in convenience and graphical feedback. The Invert switch solves the annoying (and too common) problem of what to do with pickups wired out-of-phase. The sliding Low Cut filter helps eliminate troublesome thumping, rumbling, rubbing and other unwanted infrasonic frequencies. The graphic equalizers give you separate timbre control over each individual pickup. The Pan and Level controls mix both pickups into one smooth stereo signal ready to drive the Send/Return effects loop, or the in-line Inserts. Two pair of high-current cross-coupled balanced stereo line drivers, with mono switch, complete the processing chain. Choose between the stereo 1/4" line-level outs for amplifier feed or the stereo 3-pin (XLR-type) Mic-level outs for direct console patching, or use them both.

A powerful Headphone amplifier and Master Mute switch allow private auditioning and practice. The separate Tuner Output lets you leave your tuner attached for quick checks or changes during performance. When an auxiliary output is necessary the separate Piezo Output with Level control perfectly satisfies the need.

The AP 13 Acoustic Preamplifier is all you ever dreamed of for perfect control of your acoustic instrument.

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