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RE 27 Realtime Equalizer

General Description

The Rane RE 27 Realtime Equalizer is a single-channel, one-third octave equalizer and a single channel one-third octave realtime analyzer. Housed in a two rack-space unit, the RE 27 features long throw slide controls on each filter band ensuring good resolution over its boost/cut range of +12dB to -15dB.

The built-in realtime analyzer provides a visual indication of the amplitude characteristics of each one-third octave band and is designed to be used to flatten the response of a sound system with great ease. A Flat-response microphone and pink noise generator are included to make the tasks as simple as possible.

The active filter sections of the equalizer portion of the RE 27 are of the constant bandwidth (constant-Q) variety. The bandwidth of each individual filter is guaranteed to be narrow enough to prevent unwarranted interaction between filters, yet wide enough to produce exactly the type of correction curve demanded by even the most unusual acoustic surroundings. This differs dramatically from conventional designs of the past. Earlier designs (dating back as far as 50 years) are encumbered with the unfortunate characteristic of changing band width and changing boost/cut amounts.

Front panel controls and indicators aside from the 27 filter level controls, include a single Level control, Signal present and Overload indicators. Also present are Window, "House Curve" and Pink Noise on/off switches. The rear of the unit provides 1/4" Tip Ring-Sleeve connectors for the input and output of the equalizer section. The Input is actively balanced and the output is floating unbalanced. A real panel Output jack is provided for the Pink Noise generator. A recessed control is provided to allow adjustment of the Output Level of the Pink Noise generator.

For pricing information: contact gitarmkr@cybozone.com Product Number RA.RE27 (this item has been recently discontinued. It is a fantastic unit however, and a few are still being stocked. Contact us for availability.

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