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RE 27 Realtime Equalizer

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The concept for the RE 27 was to take the fear, cost and complexity out of a realtime analyzer and package it with a precision constant-Q graphic equalizer. By combining a simplified realtime analyzer and a graphic equalizer, Rane created an extremely useful piece of sound reinforcement gear. One where a small venue can be equalized within minutes, with the visual assurance it is right.

Instead of the traditionally complex and costly LED matrix array, the RE 27 uses an ingenious color-coded display which instantly gives you all the practical information needed from an analyzer. Above each slider is a column of three LEDs: red, green and yellow from top down. If the red LED is lit, response is too high; if the yellow LED is lit, response is too low. In either case you simply adjust the slider until the green LED lights. When all the green LEDs are lit, your system is aligned to plus/minus dB or plus/minus 3dB accuracy -- your choice. Just that simple. And when you finish the pink noise test, unplug the Microphone from the front panel jack and the display will automatically monitor the program through the equalizer section. Now you can keep an eye on problem feedback frequencies during the performance and make quick, effective adjustments.

As a perfect compliment to this innovative analyzer, Rane developed a unique constant-Q graphic equalizer. Constant-Q graphic equalizers arose from the sound professional's need for greater control with less interaction than previously possible with conventional equalizers. Truth in slider position became a requirement. The curve traced out by the slider positions on constant-Q designs indeed represents the actual changes to the frequency response. On conventional designs they do not.

You use a constant-Q graphic the same way you use a conventional graphic. You just get the desired results quicker, with far less after adjustment to the adjacent sliders. Eliminating a phenomena Rane calls equalizing the equalizer.

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