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March 3, 1997

Dear Tony the Guitarmaker:

Custom is cool!

Thanx for the offer to put my custom guitar on your world wide web to share. I really like the 2 bridge twinger. Reasons:

  1. Special effects, twang, twingy, even vibrato & doppler.
  2. Pegs are gone where I use my palm to dampen strings
  3. High octave tones between bridges
  4. The big tension is moved closer to the edge of the guitar and away from the center sound board
  5. Since the string is longer, there is more to tweek.
That's the major reasons....

I like to invent and experiment with all kinds of things. The idea of putting a 2nd bridge on my guitar just popped into my head one day. I saw it, then one of my old guitars was falling apart and I was brave enough to try it. I love it. I got so much for so little. That's synergy.

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Gepp, AR 72538
phone: 501-458-2562
e-mail: tobi@centuryinter.net

Tobi with guitar 2 bridge twinger

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