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Luthiers from around the world are invited to share their insight and give us a peek at their current projects. If you would like to submit a photo or two, e-mail your request to gitarmkr@cybozone.com

Now! . . . Take a peek at real life luthiers ". . . in the trenches."

Jason Lollar, Luthier. Basic Pickup Winding, November, 1998

The Vancouver Guitar Builders Cooperative, October, 1997

Hembrook Custom Basses and Guitars, April, 1997

Nickolay Andreev, January, 1997

Billy Rhinehart, September,1996

Mark Carlson, July, 1996

Michael Wentzell, Wentzell Guitars, May, 1996

Tim Deacon, Carodyce Instruments, April, 1996 - October, 1996 update

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