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March 28th 1966

Dear Anthony

Please find enclosed some rough photographs of one of the guitars built last year. As promised I will forward some decent shots in the near future.

My own background is more as a professional boatbuilder and industrial designer than a luthier. However some years ago I experimented with a carbon fibre epoxy bowlback. This proved quite useful and some commissions resulted. The photos show the Mark 2 plug and moulds.

Comments from players such as Isaac Guillory, Duck Baker, Phil Beer, Branco Stoysin and others have been most encouraging. The good balance and projection have been praised while the tone is good on played in models. As you will note the construction is something of a hybrid, and it does use a unique stressing system as far as I am aware. Body size on the example shown is 520mm long, 415 wide at lower bout, 310 upper, 265 at waist and 148 deep. Note that it is only 70 deep at the neck block.

There is undoubtably a great deal of experimental work to be done to fully optimise and understand these composite and all carbon instruments. This is partly because of the different curve of areas (volumes) possible. A wider range than all wood construction. I don't believe that anyone could tell from the sound of one of these guitars I am building that it is not wooden - until they see the back.

I intend to continue to hand build to commission and will be developing further variations, perhaps a classical and a lute. If you would like more detail please just drop me a line or e-mail.

Good to see the site on the web, long may your own instruments make fine music.

Your's sincerely,

Tom Deacon

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Deacon guitar back Deacon guitar front

Deacon moulds

Building the forms

Deacon form

Finished back and forms
Deacon plans

(above)Checking the fret scale.
(right) Tim enjoying the fruits of his labor.
Deacon playing guitar

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