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The Vancouver Guitar Builders Cooperative
The Vancouver Guitar Builders Cooperative was established in August 1997 by a group of luthiers from the lower mainland of British Columbia. Its mandate is to collectively increase exposure to a number of independent builders of musical instruments. The members are all friends who share a common interest in building and often discuss technique and resource information on the subject. The collective itself is a solid balance of instruments ranging from traditional acoustic and folk instruments through to modern electric guitars and basses.

All of the cooperative's members have varying background experience and formal training experience, however all member's have had a minimum of 2 years apprenticeship in regards to working under a professional luthier. Most of the members greatly exceed this minimum level and, as well as being builders, are sought after instrument repair and adjustment technicians.

Future objectives of this organization, beyond raising attention to outside sources as being a recognizable source of top quality instruments, are being considered. Having numerous members should prove to be advantageous with respect to ordering, trade show displays, and providing a variety and quantity of quality instruments for retailers who wish to carry member instruments. The Website home page is also offering a section for advertising outside affiliates with other non-member instrument makers. Guitar parts and accessories companies interested in the page are welcome to email the cooperative for more information.

Below are some photos of the Vancouver Guitar Builders Cooperative's members' work.
Jay DuncanOriginally from Edmonton Alberta, Jay Duncan offers a selection of acoustics and classicals with the extra attention to details like the pearl inlay, binding through the end join and ebony strap button that sets them apart from stock factory guitars
The Mojo customs are extremely playable guitars featuring high quality woods electronics. David Amirault has made custom guitars for some of the premier metal bands in Vancouver. Mojo - David Amirault
Jeff SigurdsonJeff Sigurdson is quickly becoming one of the most sought after classical and flamenco builders on the west coast. His v-join, spanish heel and back which extends through the heel-cap give him numerous compliments and comparisons to competitors who charge much more for similar guitars.
Rob grew up working with wood in his father's cabinet shop. After studying and playing guitar for a number of years he started out to make a better guitar that was available to him at the time. Now after some time he's an accomplished electric builder. Rob
Kris Martell Kris Martell- A luthier with a background as a machinest and tool maker offers guitars crafted with an exceptional precision. This is evident in the marquetry displayed in this sun inlay.
Mark's design offers a simple elegance in his approach to an acoustic guitar. The selections of wood and tone are exceptional largely due the fact that he has personally assembled thousands of guitars while working at a high end guitar factory in Vancouver. Mark

Vancouver Guitar Builders Cooperative Website.

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