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N. Andreev with guitar

Nikolay Andreev....

Guitarmaker and classical guitarist in Moscow, his guitars are made to order, crafted from Brazilian rosewood, walnut, maple or mahogany. All have spruce soundboards, mahogany neck, African ebony fingerboards, rosewood bindings, a bridge of Brazilian rosewood and handmade rosettes. His instruments are available at a cost between $1,000 and $ $2,000 (U.S. funds) and he is eager for your to know that he can supply hand made rosettes, see samples below for $20 plus shipping (U.S.). He also prepares matched sets of wooden b $indings for about $72.00 per set of eight.

Mr. Andreev does not speak English, but is anxious to correspond with friends in the craft. E-mail him in English c/o his friend Andrei Golitsyn, amgolin@geol.msu.ru.
Andreev guitar

Classical Guitar
"Please find hearwith a file written by Nikolay Andreev about his job.
"Best wishes, Andrei Golitsyn

"15 years ago I entered guitar workshop at first. There were young men learning the guitar building. Since that time I do not part with wood tools and have made 95 guitars already. As a musical instrument, a guitar impressed me by its internal world. I thought: "There were no the such possibilities and beauty in the other musical instrument. That time I studied at the music school and I wanted to have a good guitar. My father, (who is master building" musical instuments too), he1p me to begin learning this art. My main wish was to make a concert instrument with its fullness of a sound. I was impressed the words of Manuel de Fulk: "Among the string instruments with a neck a guitar has the most full and rich harmonic and rich harmonic possibilities." It were the, reasons I made my choose: a guitar and only a guitar!"

"First of all, I begin to prepare wood (maple, fir, etc). The most part of guitar building I have to do by hands. So, I can't make many instruments. It goes out as about 5-7 guitars per year. In summer I make necks and wooden details, but assembling the body should be in winter, because of humidity of our summer. My work is not sheduled. I work on my pleasure listening the music. I appreciate the classic guitar one and I play guitar myself. Etudes of Puhol are my favorite.

"I assemble 3 or 4 guitars at once: on the first day I am gluing the sound-board, on the second I am gluing the springs (i.e. the sticks inside the body), on the 3-d day I bend the back and sides... And so on, every day there is a new operation, till the body is as- assembled. Then I work with every guitar separately- gluing of the neck, finger-boards, frets...Then a few days I work with sand-paper, scraping, filler (primer). Then a week for the varnishing... At that time, besides, a new guitar begin to grow... My wife helps me often with my work. She process the sound -boards, works bodies with sand-paper. Once a week I go to my teacher. He is oldest Moscow Guitar Master - Jury Elevferievich Judin. He make the guitars 50 years since. The most dramatic moment in a guitar building - when you stretch the strings and (with the sanking of the heart) get a first sounds! It is impossible to foresee the sound of a new guitar. It depends on many different factors: quality of material, processing of it, on your qualification, intuition and experience."

Classical Guitar Description Model A
Model B
Body length 490 499
Lower bout 366 368
Waist 247 244
Upper bout 284 286
Body depth 92-96 91-96
Scale length 650 650
Neck width at nut / 12th 52 / 62 52 /62

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