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January, 1996
Featured Artist

The Ululating Mummies

"Sacred Snack"

The Mummies began in a kitchen. . . . A world where kitchens are the seats of power and culture in the "Earth House Hold" (Gary Snyder). Kitchens filled with talking, eating and drinking, the counsel of friends, the noise of children, refrigerator art, shrines, political conspirings and wild imaginings. Above Wall Street. . . the kitchen table ascends.
And on the table a bowl, the supreme tool, a vessel where stuff is mixed and frothed. . . . The kitchen itself a vessel enshrining many vessels. As Sun Ra taught us, "space is the place." So we learned from the bowl and the kitchen and Sun Ra and created a band that made space for the music to come up through.. . . ."


1. Babylonian Ditch* music - Mummies 1:29

2. Hobo Jump/Ancient Bicycles* words - John Hunter
music - Barry Bless, Coby Batty & Mummies 5:15

3. Old Bowls of Snack** words - Barry Bless & Jarene Fleming
music - Barry Bless 4:30

4. Untamed Newts** words - Danny Finney 3:52

5. Dancing Ghost of a Cartoon Snake* words - Emily Dickinson & Barry Bless
music - Barry Bless 3:56

6. Fields of Ice** words - Robbie Kinter & Cheryl Pallant
music - Trad. Icelandic & by Robbie Kinter & Barry Bless 4:40

7. March of the Mummies* music - Danny Finney & Barry Bless 3:25

8. The Mummy Comes* words - Coby Batty
music - Mummies 2:56

9. We Cannot Be Hurt* words - Coby Batty
music - Trad. Balkan 3:32

10. Robert O'Marley's Ghost* music - Barry Bless & Mummies 3:25

11. Oh Rose a Money Monkey** words - translated phonetically by Rebby Sharp music - Patrice Ilunga, Victor Misomba & Friends 2:23

12. Sub-Atomic Circus* words - Coby Batty
music - Mummies 1:55

13. Monkey Butt** words - Danny Finney
music - Mummies 3:20

14. Cake & Ice Cream* music - Barry Bless 3:33

15. Sufi Street Music** music - Trad. Pakistan 5:34

16. Dance of the Butchers* music - Trad. Greek 1:57

17. Dance of the Squirrels** music - Barry Bless 3:37

18. Nibo** words - Danny Finney
music - Ludovic Lamothe, Haiti 4:48

19. Holy Ghost Polka*** words - Barry Bless & Steve Fishman
music - Mummies 3:10

20. Adios* words - Barry Bless 2:30

* from the cassette recording "Dehaunting the Body House"
Pippin Barnett -- Trap set, percussion
Coby Batty -- Percussion, flute, cornet, alto horn, bass, vocals
Barry Bless -- Accordions
Danny Finney -- Saxophones
John Hunter -- Baritone sax
Rebby Sharp -- Guitar

Live Studio Recording Engineered by John "The Hairdresser of Sound" Morand
Mixed by the Mummies and John Morand ® 1985 UMP

** from the cassette recording "Eat the Carrot Break the Stick"

Pippin Barnett -- Trap set, percussion
Coby Batty -- Percussion, flute, cornet, alto horn, bass, vocals
Barry Bless -- Accordion, percussion
Tom Brickman -- Bass
Danny Finney -- Saxophones, vocals
Steve Fishman -- Guitars, mandolin
Jarene Fleming -- Vocals, percussion
Robbie Kinter -- Percussion, vocals
Stefan Said -- Violin
Deb Saidel -- Tenor saxophone, flute
Rebby Sharp -- Electric guitar, piano, vocals

Recorded at McCavitt Studios by John Morand - Mixed by Pippin & John Morand
® 1991 UMP except Nibo & Oh Rose a Money Monkey

*** from the 1995 recording session

Pippin Barnett -- Trap set
Coby Batty -- Percussion, flute, cornet, alto horn, bass, vocals
Barry Bless -- Accordion
Steve Fishman -- Guitar, vocal
Danny Finney -- Saxophone
Robbie Kinter -- Percussion
Stephan Williams -- Guitar, vocal
Dave Yohe -- Bass

Recorded at Sound of Music by John Morand
Mixed by Stephen Williams & John Morand ® 1995 UMP

"Pippin in his split-toed Japanese fisherman footwear and mylar fringed coat, Danny's papier-mache robe. . . psychedelic shriners."

Meanwhile back in the kitchen... I asked a yound friend how he would describe the Mummies. He sat silently for a few moments, unusual for a five-year-old. As if hearing the music, his fingers began to wiggle and his hands to dance one around the other.
"They're fancy!"
He smiled.
We made dinner.
From My Kitchen,

"We had to make noise...
We had to ululate."


Thanks to Jim Bland, Plan 9 Music, Ram Bhagat, Mary Lee Copeland & Lee Anne Eubank
Art & CD Design Cathy Nelson, Arthur Stephens/2-Headed Monster Productions
Digital Prepress, Image Processing & Addl. Layout Terry & Steve/Tornado Design
CD Cover Photography Arthur Stephens
CD Photographs Paige Critcher, Christopher Hibben, Candee Levander, Arthur Stephens, Charles Sugg

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(804) 353-9996
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If you would like, we can arrange to have "Sacred Snack" CD delivered to your door so that you may enjoy it tomorrow evening. . . . The CD lists for $13.99 (USA) (6100176033) plus $3.50 for domestic shipping and handling (via UPS) (or $15 for next business day delivery). International deliveries... e-mail for quote.

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