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May, 1996
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May-Lily Lee




Played along the banks today, dove in thinking it was deeper
I nearly cracked my head that way, now life seems so much cheaper
Thought I'd caught myself a great big catch, tugged me like a shark
Then I reeled in a guppie, was I fishing in the dark
The river is shallower than you know
The river is shallower than you know, than you know
Mary loves her newtowne boy, but not enough to last
She has him dreaming of an endless sail as she drifts toward her past
And other couples say the things they don't really mean
Floundering in confusion, things aren't what they seem
And there are people in a trance in this ocean life
Must have hit their heart too hard when they took the dive
What's so wrong with wanting you just to have your sex
That's all I really need for now and not all the rest
I took a walk through the woods today, cleared a path and I opened up the way
Things really aren't what they seem they are, they're bigger, they're bigger
The river is wider than you know


She was every fantasy like Mrs. Ramsey in 'To The Lighthouse'
Every move she made deliberately
And she never laughed out loud
And anyone who keeps it bottled in has gotta give
She did, she did, she did
Too many tragedies, not enough comedy
He wasn't cut out for gym, a little teenager like adrian mole
And who's to say that might is better than the page of life
Left when he took his soul
And anyone with a heart could see, and anyone could have stopped it
A thousand times but do we
Ben had lots of arms-length friends who told him jokes about the jews and gays
Who got the last laugh when they learned of Ben
Who has just died today
And anyone is really here alone and everyone is never here alone
Aren't we aren't we aren't we
And if we all learn to laugh a little
And if we all lift off our masks a little
And if we all lighten up a little
Wouldn't we live, wouldn't we live, wouldn't we live in a world of
Too many comedies, not enough tragedy

3. DOESN'T MEAN 3:00

Just because Vernon made it big time in San Diego
Just because I've always wanted to live and work in San Diego
Doesn't mean anything at all
Just because I've loved Terry ever since I can recall
Just because Terry tells me that it wasn't love after all
Doesn't mean anything at all
Just because there is oil killing everything that swims
Just because we are helpless 'cause we don't have money in the tin
Doesn't mean anything at all
I can find a job anytime, anyplace
I can fall in love anywhere and any face
I can change the world if I really wanted to
Doesn't mean anything at all

4. ON A PLANE 3:10

I was on a plane hoping it would fall out of the sky
With no choice but to die
I was on the ground hoping that a train would run me down
With no choice but to lie
You were insane to cut me down then but you did, that's what I needed
You got me back, back on the track again
I was one of those stuck between the past and yesterday
Unable to say
Had a pot of gold planted right before my very eyes
Unable to see
You were my friend to point it out then and you did, that's what I needed
You got me back, back on the track again
I know I have a heart cause I can feel it breaking
I know that it can mend because I hear the tin man waking
And if there's a god does she have six arms or only two
Is she me or you is she you
Cause I'm on a plane thinking of tomorrow's brand new tunes
Could I have died too soon
If you were sent to symbolize her, if you did, that's what I needed
You got me back, back on the track again
You got me back, back on the track again

5. FEEL LOVE 4:43

Well I love you darlin but I can't do it alone
It's like driving down the highway from the middle of the road
Come on over, unless it's over
And I love you right now but I don't know how to get your love, oh give it up
Can't you feel love, feel love, can't you feel love, feel love
And then there's old Andre Gide the philosopher
Loved his wife to madness, never got nothing from her
Except a cold kiss, did he deserve this? You say you feel nothing
I say it's a game and I'm tired of playing the moth to your flame
Can't you feel love, feel love, can't you feel love, feel love
Look at Lee and Jackson which ones the man, cold as you are I thing that I am
Cause I feel love
I took two weeks working on me while you're gone
Let me tell you darling, there nothing here that's wrong
I got love, you got none
Attitudes a virus I'm catching one from you
But give me some affection and I'll pick up on that too
Just let go, just like so
Sometimes I say marry me but it's just as well
Sometimes I just you'd go to __
Can't you feel love
Feel love


Somebody stopped the man, said honey are you leaving now
When you get back my dear I'll be wearing your favorite gown
Then he turned to her and smiled. I'll be back in a little while
I will not hold another one like you
Said I will not hold another one like you
I promise to be true. I will not hold another one like you
Suzie had all the luck, but it was mostly bad
Specially when it came to men like her boyfriend Brad
He couldn't be trusted she learned too late and in time she learned to say
I will not hold another one like you, (I thought you would be true)
When I was all alone I thought about you and her
Never really cared that much unless it was absurd
Guess that's how I know that I love you my friend
I told you straight that until then...
I will not hold another one like you (I'll wait until you're through)
Since my fingers bled I didn't want to touch again
But you are the soothing salve making me feel again
Now that you're back here doctor squeeze me tight...
Nurse me well into the night
I will not hold another one like you (now that I'm with you)


Well you stand there with your hands in your pocket like a pugnose
And your silence your weapon like your Disney clothes
Toss a cigarette from your corvette, you'd love to see her
But you get rice pudding instead
Well your colleagues think you've got it all so neatly laid
But your insides feel like the new york exchange
Small town news, so easy to get by
So your slide and on one asks why
Those flashbacks to the summer of the tragedy
Got your brain locked out and you're still searching for the key
Did she love you? the answer's in a cushion
So you say goodbye quoting a line from Pushkin
Tidy and neat, that's how you like your days
So you throw away the sheet instead of mending the fray
You say goodbye too soon

8. YOU SAID 3:00

You said that you need me. That's what you said, you'd never leave me
But there's an empty space, a colder place in my bed
You said that you'd hold me, that's what you said that's what you told me
But there's no arms around, no hand to crown this lonely head
It don't matter that I waited half my life in search of your je ne sais quoi fire
It don't matter that I gave up on another to get a liar
You said she's just a friend, then you said it's just pretend
Well I'm over here and you're over there was I misled
You said that you're over her then the whole town said you'd proposed to her
I had a inkling then I saw that thing on her hand
Should've paid attention to the signs before
Took the detour didn't know what's in store
If it's a choice between a love and a flame then the love will endure
You said that you love me that's what you said no one above me
Talk is cheap and so is she lying in your bed
You're lying in, she's lying in your bed


Did you finally find the one that you can hold
If it were up to me I'd hold you to the ground and never let you go
Did you finally find the eyes that you can look into
Here's a thought for you with a page or two missing and a few words left unsaid
No magic wand can turn this minute to an hour
I'd make you love me but I don't have the power
Do you find you love the fine things she brings you near and far
I wonder if my rock is still on the dash of your car
And they say thats she's so good looking but beauty doesn't tell the jokes
You and I we laughed till our stomachs pleaded
Now the last laughs on me, the last laughs on me
And did you find your love in a catalog, I wish I'd read the description
All I know is that we had something darlin
And I still don't now I still don't know I still don't know what was missing

10. SILENCE 4:13

She reaches for the paper with hands with open sores
She remembers when she wasn't allowed to open the door
There's a hole in the kitchen ceiling and it's gonna get fixed soon
She makes herself a sandwich, forgets not to make two
She was a prisoner in her own home, she's glad to be alone, she was
Living on silence... Now she's free
The little girl with the red trike keeps her secrets locked inside
The weight of an adult on her she drives and drives and drives
Few have seen what she has seen no wonder why
We don't hear her laughter, we don't hear her cry
Her mother makes a sandwich and the little girl declines, cause she's
Living on silence... till she's free
Jonathan takes a nap on the uptown bus seat
It doesn't matter where anywhere he can find some heat
He's not hungry anymore he's just starving for attention
And if you talk to Jonathan don't you ever mention
That he can have your sandwich cause he'll only take offense, he is
Living on silence... cause he's free
There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza a hole, a hole in the bucket
And I can't hide what is wrong, what is wrong, we are, we are, we are
Living on silence

"If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, it's hungry."
Special thanks: The Lee Clan, Lynalise and Barry, Kim, Lisa and the Mount Holyoke Gang, Me Bell, Schegelby, Et Erhardt, S.R. Slifka, Mason, Chris, Cecil, Harry, John, Bobby... and Denise for the jump start.

For Mom and Dad with love and emulation.

For Booking and other info:
(804) 320-7700

2320 Devenwood Rd., Richmond, VA 23235

All songs written and arranged by May-Lily ®1995 Just about all rights reserved.

May-Lily Lee

Available at http://www.plan9music.com, 3002 W. Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220
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