CBI specializes in custom configurations. Thus, it is impractical to offer a stock pricelist. Please take a few minutes to let us know what specifics you require. Submit them to us via this form. We will contact you as soon as practical with a firm estimate for the fabrication and supply of your cables.

If you would like to visit the CBI website the URL is: http://www.cbicables.com

Custom Cable Quote

Please describe length, connector type,
and application as well as the number of pieces you require.
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I would prefer connectors made by...
Switchcraft Neutrix Amphenol Preh Pomona G&H Other

I would prefer cables made by...
Belden CBI Specialflex Other

I would like to have my cables custom imprinted...
Please print the following information on each cable.
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*Imprinting logos will require camera ready artwork.
Please email the estimate to me at
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I have received my custom cable quote, and I am ready to order.

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