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February, 1998

Each month we showcase the work of exceptional new artists. Typically these recordings are found on small independent labels. . . and often times are not found in mainstream distribution. So we will introduce you to them here. . . . We think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the talent we've discovered.

Terry Garland
"Trouble In Mind"

Terry Garland : Trouble In Mind

   "This is a reissue which has been re-mastered by Mark Howard with additional tracks recorded by John O'Brien. Also, slightly different photos from Beth Horsely other than those used on the original."


Fred MacDowell ©
  1. Kokomo (3:53)
    One of my favorite songs by Fred...
Willie Dixon ©
  1. Wang Dang Doodle (4:08)
    "I did it my way!"
Jimmy Reed ©
  1. Upside Your Head (3:45)
    I was doing this song before the term PC existed - Jimmy's just Jimmy!
Terry Garland ©
  1. Hospital Bill Blues (2:53)
    My lament to the insurance co. - or my lack of the same.
Chester A. Burnett ©
  1. Forty-Four (4:12)
    Howlin' Wolf has to be included here somewhere.
Lightening Sam Hopkins ©
  1. Trouble In Mind (3:07)
    My mind was troubled, still is to a degree.
Willie McTell ©
  1. Ain't Long Afore Day (4:24)
    I had this song recorded by John Hammond a long time ago - I just liked it and wanted to do it myself.
Bukka White ©
  1. Aberdeen (4:24)
    I learned this song from Mike Henderson; but I think I turned it around backwards?
Terry Garland ©
  1. Trouble On The Way (4:32)
    Gulf War in 1990. Still works now.
Johnny Winter ©
  1. Bad Luck And Trouble (2:59)
    Johhny Winter's my favorite and it seemed a fitting title for me.
Willie Dixon ©
  1. Spoonful (2:53)
    Willie Dixon has so many great titles, but I wanted to pick one done a hundred times less that some other one.
James Nehemia ©
  1. Hard Time Killing Floor (4:40)
    Dark song by an artist I'm really a big fan of: plus room for me to stretch out confinds of an arrangement.

Total: 46:11

Thanks to Ron Smith, Joe Sokol, Richmond Blues Society, Old Dominion Railway Society, Henry Wailes, WCVE NPR Radio, Anthony Huvard, Russell at Boykins Music, and Roman Cho. Special thanks to Chris Whitley, Ludlow Cafe. Very special thanks to Clifton Moore. Above all... heartfelt thanks to Mom and Dad for underlying faith and perseverance. This record is dedicated to Ron Miller. Recorded at The Flood Zone, Richmond, Virginia; The School House, Richmond, Virginia. Mastered by Mark Howard. Engineering by Bruce Olsen. Engineer for Spoonful/Hard Time Killing Floor by Johnny O'Brien. Photography by Beth Horsley. Graphic design by Karen Sheets.

Terry Garland - vocals, National and acoustic guitar.
Mark Wenner - harmonica.

Trouble In Mind

Produced by Johnny O'Brien / Bruce Olsen
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