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From: Robert N. Fischer
Reply-To: rnfischer@earthlink.net
"Lost Mountain Center for the Guitar is attempting to locate owners of guitars built by Richard Schneider for our archives."

uploaded 5/30/97

Used amps: Mesa Boogie, Mark III Combo, low time... new Grooves Tube preamp and power tubes, asking $700, contact larrya@richmond.infi.net

uploaded 5/30/97

From: Kip Williams
Reply-To: kip@richmondmusic.com

Used electric guitars
1979 Fender Precision Bass, sunburst, ser# 551757 $795
1979 Fender Precision Bass, sunburst, ser# S903645 $795
1975 Fender Strat sunburst, ser# 654030 $895
1979 Fender Strat sunburst, hardtail ser# S917363 $895
1996 Gibson Les Paul Studio Ruby Gem, ser# 92746574 $895
1995 Hamer Archtop GT Custom Goldtop, ser# 543772 $895
1948 Gibson J45 "This One Sings" $1395
1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe antique burst w/case $895
1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe gold top w/case $949
1982 Martin HD28 w/thinline gold p/u,ser# 434886 $1490
1977 Fender Fretless Precision, natural, ser# S754284 $995
Used amplifiers
Silvertone model 1482 $195
1964 Fender Bandmaster w/212 cab new Kendrick spkrs $595
1979 Ampeg B15 $449

updated 7/23/97

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