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May, 1998

Each month we showcase the work of exceptional new artists. Typically these recordings are found on small independent labels. . . and often times are not found in mainstream distribution. So we will introduce you to them here. . . . We think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the talent we've discovered.

Puddle Duck

Puddle Duck : Fly

   "I have known some of the guys in this band since they were kids, I remember when they learned their first chord... Enjoy their music as much as they enjoy making it." - Tony the Guitarmaker, Head Honcho here at @ Famous Guitarmaker Internet World Headquarters



  1. Everyday (4:00)
    Hedeman ©
  1. Fly (4:46)
    Hedeman/Knowles ©
  1. Hammer (3:42)
    Moxin ©
  1. Slow Down (5:22)
    Hedeman ©
  1. Carolina (4:35)
    Hedeman ©
  1. Never Let Go (5:15)
    Parker / Hedeman ©
  1. Funkybox (4:39)
    Parker ©
  1. Lead Me Away (3:34)
    Hedeman ©
  1. Round and Round (5:15)
    Hedeman ©
  1. Farewell (8:11)
    Knowles ©

Total: 49:20

Jason thanks: Mom and dad for their support, Martin, Tracy for faith and sanity, brother Evan, Jon, Pat, Marc for years of inspiration and musical diversity, Sam, Kerry, Rebekah, Dave and Katie. Dave thanks: Mom and dad, Grams, Wendy, Marcia, Mike and Dave, Nhan, Katy, and Yif. Bobby thanks: Mom, Fred and friends at the farm, Dad, Laney, Steph and Disco, Shifty and friends Ham, Generous and the boys for continued support. Gomer thanks: Mom, Eric, Cindy, Adrienne, WNH Jr, and Craig. The band thanks: Clint, Diana, Cellar Door Entertainment, Pat, Yong, Parker, Sowers, Togg Labroski, Manute Soul, Jeff for keyboards, Agents of Good Roots, Cathy Moore, David Levin, Mark Frye, Joe Meyers, Chris and Heidi, Alley Katz, The Bayou, TT Reynolds, Lee Crumpton, and the Homegrown Network, Tim Walther, E-Flat, Pat McGee and the band, Blue Miracle, Everything, Debbie Davis, Chick Hoffman, Paul and Carolyn and Sam, Chris Thompson, Tony Huvard, Mike "Keno" Snyder, and everyone @ Sound of Music Studios, Terry @ Tornado, Tongo @ Dark Wizard, Rodney & John, West End Station, Laudier and friends, Gibb Droll, Hank Wells, Sam Hill Ent., Chunk and the boys, Andy Simmons for work and flexible hours, Charlie and Rev Magazine, John Miller, Flash, the Richmond Music Journal, the Knowles family, the Sowers family, all the mechanics who have repaired the Coachman, and all opthers temporarily forgotten. Huge thanks to Eric Hedeman for making this all possible and giving the RV a fighting chance, and Adrienne Brown for her help w/ the mailing list. Finally, thanks to all of our friends and fans who have supported us through everything.
Dave Watkinson - Bass
Bobby Sutton - Guitars, Vocals
Dave Hedeman - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Darren Moxin - Guitars
Jason Sell - Drums, Percussion


Puddle Duck : Fly

Recorded and Mixed at: Sound of Music Studio, Richmond, VA. Engineered and Mixed by: Mike "Keno" Snyder. Mastered by: Bill McCelroy and Mike Snyder at Slipped Disk. Cover Design: Dave Hedeman and Bobby Sutton. Cover Photography by: Marc Guillard. Inside Photography by: Chris Thompson.

for booking and info contact: Rodney Williams (757) 721-0550

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