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April, 1998

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Frank Schultz - A Day Like This

Frank Schultz : A Day Like This


This CD is dedicated to my parents,
Frank and Aurella Schultz,
who still live up there in the frozen North.


  1. Only Dreams (4:57)
    It was really the dreams that wrote this one.
  1. Half As Sweet (As You) (3:53)
    I was trying to lean a Hoagy Carmichael song and was having trouble transposing his piano chords to my guitar... so I gave up and wrote this one. It's also for Mary, who told me that no one had even written a song for her.
  1. Funeral (In The East) (4:10)
    I still don't know which was more difficult... the funderal or the trip back East or finally getting this song written.
  1. Granola Girls (3:52)
    For the girls of Santa Fe and my favorites, the ones down at EJ's.
  1. A Day Like This (5:07)
    A spring song and some really outstanding eyes.
  1. You Can't Leave Now (2:43)
    This one is for Mike and Jean... may you live forever.
  1. Tonight (3:53)
    That perfect night that might happen once or twice.
  1. Never Again (4:54)
    This is for all my friends who started over and did okay.
  1. Things I Didn't Do (5:14)
    Sometimes we let it all slip away. Like, I never got to see Gerry Mulligan and he died... what a loss... what a mistake... but he left a lot behind for me. I also wanted to write a song in an open tuning before it became something I didn't do. The girl in this song is the metaphor... I doubt there would be enough time on this disc to get personal.
  1. Winter (Came So Quickly) (4:11)
    It was a sudden storm that abruptly put an end to autumn and a beginning to this song.
  1. You Can Feel It (5:13)
    For Mikey and Nelson and B.A. and Jack and Stump and for that soft spot I still have for that country up there. I wrote the lyrics while driving north on one of those perfect fall mornings with the top down in a rented convertible headed from Alpena to Indian River. The melody was written back here in the desert. Then Sid came up with this great piano part...
  1. Hearts Never Know (4:25)
    For a friend who didn't.
  1. I Wish (I Were With You) (3:33)
    Good storms write songs like this.
  1. Tired of My Clothes (2:50)
    When I was thinking about all the crappy things in this life I picked up my Martin and remembered how good the process of being a performer is... to be able to play and sing for friends and strangers is really okay. So even when I have something to bitch about... I still have this outlet.
Total: 59:32

Thanks to The Small Band (Noel the guitar, Scott the never-miss bass, and the "voice"... Tina). Sometimes I forget how much I like these three until I work without them for a while. Thanks to Kerry and Kent for the percussion work, Dorothy for her sweet voice, Carol for the violin that gave me exactly what I'd hoped for, Sid for the acoustic piano work; I have wanted to work with Sid for a long time. And finally, thanks to my old pals from Michigan, Nelson for your pedal, dobro, and harp, and Jack for the guitar part. A reunion that made me grin. Thanks, all of you for your creatice energy, your support and your music.

Special thanks to John C. for hanging in there with me through all the changes and rewrites... you ended up a producer as well as a great engineer. Thanks to Susan for the ideas and to Jull for the creativity. Thanks to Bob Brown for the jump starts... you probably don't know how much influence you had on some of this music.

Produced by Frank Schultz, Saltbush Music, Alameda, NM

Frank's Mailing List
Saltbush Music
Frank Schultz
P.O. Box 10051
Alameda, NM 87184-0051

Bookings: (505) 897-2044

All selections written by Frank Schultz, copyright 1996
Saltbush Music. ASCAP.

Frank Schultz : A Day Like This

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