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July, 1998

Each month we showcase the work of exceptional new artists. Typically these recordings are found on small independent labels. . . and often times are not found in mainstream distribution. So we will introduce you to them here. . . . We think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the talent we've discovered.

In Clover
"Music for Silent Films"

Puddle Duck : Fly


  1. Roll Film (0:16)
  1. After Today (5:25)
  1. Fading Post (4:03)
  1. Roadrunner Patrol (4:12)
  1. All My Days (4:48)
  1. Salt 'n' Vinegar (4:17)
  1. Intermission (1:28)
  1. Sink + Shock (3:14)
  1. Betcha (4:04)
  1. Silver Chain (5:27)
  1. The Wake (3:49)
  1. Home (Insulation Song) (5:42)
  1. The End (0:32)

Total: 47:17

In Clover thanks: Each other, Mark Miley, Greg Garner and other fabulous guest musicians, Grant Rutledge + Montana Studios, David Shirk + Sonorous, "Uncle" Bill McElroy + Slipped Disk, Tongo, Timea Adrian, and Andras Bality, Minh Ta, Bill Glasheen, Tommy Hughes + Southern Music, Mark Palmer + Onsite Solutions, Keith Abbott, Mark Harris, Malika Viltz, the whole Goochland crew who's been there for us forever, Kathryn Mack, Lowell Call, Jim Teets Sr., Everett Sellner, Bill Gordon, Page and Peggy Gordon, Thaxton and Betty Martin, Patrick Marshall, Scott Collins for his early contributions to Skuttlebutt, Mariane Matera + The Richmond Music Journal, XL 102 (especially Robert Frazier) 106.5 The Buzz (especially Smack and JJ Quest), Mike Scott, Ben "Copyman" Sherron, Brett Cassis + Rt. 1S., Jim Bland + Plan 9, Michele Ravera, Jimmy Crespos + The Lost Sock, Innocent Nixon, all the local bands and fans who make this scene a great one.
Tara Lane - vocals, acoustic, electric hythm guitars
Scott Gordon - lead guitar, string dulcimer
Karen Shealy - bass, acoustic bass guitar
Ryan Gryder - drums, back-up vocals


Puddle Duck : Fly

Mark Miley - engineering, song mixing. David Shirk - mastering. Bill McElroy - editing for Silver Chain. Michele Ravera - best girl. David Scoven - best boy.

for booking and info contact: (804) 515-0265


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