Dr. Michael Kasha
Florida State University

Memberships in National Academies
*American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1963 (Founded by Benjamin Franklin, Oldest U. S. Academy).
*National Academy of Sciences 1971 (Founded by Abraham Lincoln).
Brazilian Academy of Sciences 1977.
**Ukrainian Academy of Sciences 1991.
International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science, 1992 (68 members worldwide).
(*First Floridian appointed; ** First Foreign member)
International Medals
George Porter Medal, 1990 (Selection by European, Interamerican and Japanese Photochemical Societies, in honor of the Nobel Prize Winner and President of the Royal Society).

Robert S. Mulliken Medal, 1990 (University of Chicago, in honor of the U. C. and FSU Nobel Prize Winner).

Honorary Degrees
Doctor of Science, Gonzaga University, Washington 1988.
Doctor of Science, University of Gdansk, Poland, 1992
Festschrift Dedicated Volumes
*Kasha Symposium on Electronic Processes and Energy Transfer, Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1976 (55th Birthday Symposium).
Kasha Dedicatory Issue, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 1991 (70th Birthday Issue).
*Michael Kasha Festschrift, Conference on Photoinduced Proton Transfer, Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1991 (70th Birthday Symposium).
(*First person in the American Chemical Society to be twice noted.)
Visiting Professorships of One Month or Longer
Visiting Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University, 1959-60.
Visiting Professor of Biophysics, Harvard University, October, 1961.
Visiting Professor of Chemistry, University of Michigan, November, 1969.
Visiting Professor, Inst. de Fisica e Quimica, São Carlos, Brazil, Summer 1976.
Japan Society for Promotion of Science (Lecturer in 24 Universities), Fall 1979.
Guest Professor, Ørsted Institute, University of Copenhagen, May-June 1982.
Visiting Professor, Inst. of Chemical Physics, Jilin University, Changchun, PRC, Fall 1984.
Geoffrey Frew Fellow, Australian Academy of Sciences (Lecturer in Seven Universities).
National Medals and Awards
Florida Award, Florida Section, American Chemical Society, 1961.
Charles F. Kettering Research Award, 1963-69.
Southern Chemist Award, Memphis Section, ACS, November, 1974.
Outstanding Scientist of the Year Medal, Florida Academy of Sciences, 1977.
Randolph T. Major Medal, University of Connecticut and Merck and Co., Inc., 1981.
Teaching and Research Awards
R. Lawton Distinguished Professor, FSU, 1962-present.
Evans Award, Teaching and Research in Chemistry, Ohio State University, 1969.
Most Challenging Professor Award, FSU. Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, 1990-1991.
Important Governmental Scientific Service
*National Science Board ( Appointed by President Carter), 1979-1984.
Foreign Councilor, Institute of Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan, 1982-1985.
Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee, Argonne National Laboratory, 1983-1984.
Science Advisor to Governor Bob Graham, Florida, 1983-1987.
Scientific Advisory Committee, Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, 1991-present.
(*First Florida appointee)
Florida State University Service
Professor of Physical Chemistry, September 1951-present
Founder and First Director, Institute of Molecular Biophysics, 1960-1980 ( ACE Grant of 3 million, total accumulated to 14 million in first 12 years; NIH 1MB-building matching grant with FSU.

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