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February, 1998

Each month we showcase the work of exceptional new artists. Typically these recordings are found on small independent labels. . . and often times are not found in mainstream distribution. So we will introduce you to them here. . . . We think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the talent we've discovered.

Terry Garland - Double Feature!
"The One To Blame" & "Trouble In Mind"

Terry Garland : The One To Blame



Terry Garland © Moonray Music
  1. Good Time Blues (4:15)
    Everyone has to pay the piper or the fiddler or somebody for having too much fun!
Terry Garland © Moonray Music
  1. The One To Blame (5:37)
    One is responsible for one's own actions, see above :(.
Trad. Arr. Lloyd Price / Harold Logan © Leosong Copyright Service Ltd.
  1. Stagger Lee (4:37)
    Song about New Orleans, makes for good openers.
Robert Johnson © Public Domain
  1. Phonograph Blues (4:15)
    One of the few Robert Johnson songs I can understand, and play.
Champion Jack Dupree © Carlin Music Corp.
  1. Nasty Boogie Woogie (4:55)
    I picked it up from Champion Jack Dupree. In my 3 wonderful days with him; May '91.
Traditional © Public Domain
  1. A Closer Walk With Thee (4:24)
    "I did my way."
Trad. Arr. McKinley Morganfield © Bug Music Ltd.
  1. Rollin' And Tumblin' (4:30)
    Another song recorded many times I only try to put my spin on it.
James. B. Oden © MCA Music Ltd.
  1. Goin' Down Slow (3:28)
    1st heard on an LP by Ray Charles in 1959 or 1960, I always liked it.
Jack H. Clements © Polygram Music Publishing Ltd.
  1. It'll Be Me (2:12)
    I had this on a Sun 45rpm "B" side in the late '50's when I was about 6 or 7 - drove me crazy!
Terry Garland © Moonray Music
  1. When A Brother Dies (5:31)
    Written by me for a close friend who passed away - and for all people out there who had a friend who passed away.
McKinley Morganfield © Bug Music Ltd.
  1. All Aboard (6:11)
    Terry Garland & Mark Wenner live in Belgium - Getting To Know You.

Total: 49:19

All Songs arranged by Terry Garland. Produced by Bruce Olsen. Engineering by Joe Sheets. Recorded at In Your Ear Studios, Richmond, Virginia, with special thanks to Paul Bruski, Carlos Shafin, and Robbin Thompson. Many thanks also to Brett Cassis, Tony "The Guitar Maker" Huvard, Eric Sterman, Patsy Wells, Russell March at Boykins Music Co, and always to Mom and Dad for their faith. Much appreciation extended also to BRT Radio 1 "In The Club" and producer, Miel Van Attenhoue, the organisers of Belgian Blues Night, Brugge and especially Patrick Keersebilck and the people of Hot & Sweaty Promotions, Ltd. Track 10 was written for and dedicated to Earnest Clayton Barton, "Don't Be Scared". Photography - Beth Horsley. Mark Wenner appears courtesy of Big Mo Records. Management: Jay Bell Pilot Management Co, Inc. PO Box 23203, Nashville, Tennessee 37202, USA. Tel: 615-327-8101 Fax: 615-834-6169

Terry Garland - vocals, National and acoustic guitar.
Mark Wenner - harmonica.
Bruce Couson - piano on tracks 4 and 9.
Gary Shaver - clarinet.
Dave Tripplet - trumpet.
Rich Moncure - trombone on track 6.

The One To Blame

Issued under license from Terry Garland. 1996 Demon Records Ltd. © 1996 Demon Records Ltd. Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9HF. Manufactured in England.
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