Here are a few letters from satisfied repair customers. We would be happy to supply additional references upon request.---Anthony Huvard

To Whom It May Concern:

I own a Santos Hernandez Flamenco guitar circa 1934. It was in unplayable condition with many previous repairs, all done badly. The top was warped and badly cracked, all the sides and back were badly cracked. The instrument was very fragile due to the thin wood on the top and sides, and repairs had to be done painstakenly and carefully.

Anthony Huvard was totally up to the challenge of rebuilding the instrument. The guitar now has a glorious sound due to the incredibly skilled craftsmanship of Mr. Huvard. Not only am I a proud possessor of a Santos guitar, I can say it was saved and that great Santos sound restored by Tony Huvard.

I am not surprised at this luthier's ability. He had repaired a Manuel Reyes guitar circa 1960 and restored it with great care and craftsmanship. Having restored two valuable flamenco guitars with care and skill I would send my instruments to no other luthier. His work on the instruments is a labor of love for the guitar and this is a trait rarely found in this country today.


Charles G. Drysdale
Port Orchard, Washington, USA


Wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did restoring two 1930 Nationals. The first, a duolian required extensive repairs, but you were able to salvage the original neck. The flat nickel finish shows the age and grace of the instrument and the dice inlay on the 12th fret projects definite coolness, befitting a 65 year-old beauty. The instrument is eminently playable and has that rich duolian mid-range resonance.

If I remember, the restoration was done in 1988, almost 10 years ago and the instrument has required essentially zero maintenance. Your secrets definitely defeated the traditional National problems of buzzing cones and high action because of failings in the internal suspension system for the neck. Well done.

By contrast the Style 1 Tricone required significantly less repair and reconstruction, but also would have remained unplayable without your work. I'm glad we retained the 1930's folk art floral design that was put on the headstock between 1930 and 1932. The ebony saddle adds to the top end resonance and sustain that are the hallmark of the Tricones.

As you know, I use the instruments to play traditional blues (both bottleneck and lap styles), slide covers of tunes like It's All Over Now, The Wind Cries Mary, and I Think She Likes Me, and slide-oriented instrumentals like Summertime, The Star Spangled Banner, and Amazing Grace. I've played guitar for 30 years and slide guitar for over 10. I've played in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Key West, Lousianna and Mississippi. My Nationals, thanks to you, are an essential part of my repertoire.

See you soon.

George Ballentine
Richmond, Virginia


Your superb workmanship on my collection of guitars has withstood the test of time. From the first Bartolini active preamp system you installed on my Hamer Chapperal to the most recent neck and fretwork on my Takamime 12 string I've always been pleased. I wouldn't trust my instruments to anyone other than you. Your care and workmanship is always impeccable. My Paul Reed Smith CE bolt-on guitar is my favorite axe. I was afraid to modify it, but I just wasn't happy with the stock version. The Bartolini pickups and active tone circuit you installed have made it a fabulous instrument. The stock rotary selector switch was terribly cumbersome; I couldn't stand using it. When you replaced it with a toggle switch, it transformed the guitar. I now love playing it and couldn't be happier with your work.

My band, Bare Bones is scheduling a release of its new album sometime this fall. Come and visit our web site. The URL is

Phil Shelton
Richmond, Virginia

Dear Tony,

Thank you so much for the nice work you did on my two classical guitars. I am so impressed with the improvement. I had no idea that the instruments could be so much improved.

The new neck feels really good. I don't know how to describe it except to say that it feels wonderful and plays perfectly in tune.

Walter Jones
Roseland, Florida

Dear Tony,

Right after you worked on my Holdsworth guitar, I did some studio work in New York, then did a cruise ship gig for the next two and half months. I love the improved tone on both guitars you worked on; the preamp is fabulous and so is your work.

Pat Lawler
New York, NY

Dear Mr. Huvard;

I'd like to take this time to say how much I like the improvements that you did to my two Mosrite Ventures model guitars. They play better now than they ever did when they were new. I wasn't expecting such a dramatic improvement in the playing quality as I received. Thank you for your help and your truly expert craftsmanship in this matter. I don't have to tell you how hard good craftsmen are to find. I will refer your work to other guitar players that I meet. You did an outstanding job. Once again thank you.


James K. Michael


I really appreciate your super fast service. My Hagstrom bass has never played and sounded so good. I am sure am glad I came to your for help.

P.S. I had to let you know how happy I am.


William H. Ogburn


Thanks for fixing me up! I cannot even see where the headstock was broken on my guitar. It still plays perfectly in tune. Your work is wonderful! I couldn't be more pleased.

Don Reilly
New York City, NY

Well Anthony,

I just got my Steinberger GM back from the guitar tech, now with the Bardens in an H/S/H configuration, and the difference in tone is pretty much a revelation!!!!!! The tone of my guitar has totally changed -it is so powerful, clear, yet vintage!!!
For the first time, my guitar really sings, notes bloom, chords bite, high notes scream, clean tones have character....I could go on and on, but it is just the first night and my fingers are so sore I can't play anymore (nor type to well, either)! In the coil tap mode, I have a total strat tone happening, with all the quacks and squonks, and spank intact...even though I have a 24 fret neck! The humbuckers? Bridge is to die for, neck is silky smooth!

Truly worth their price!!

Thanks for your help,

GE logo

GE Supply

General Electric Company
1505 Sherwood Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220


Dear Tony,

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased I have been with the rather difficult repair you completed for me on my '67 Gibson Heritage acoustic.

As you know, the bridge pad had warped and the top was belled outward significantly as a result of glue failure. One prominent repair person advised me that nothing could be done to fix this, and another mentioned that this repair could only be accomplished through removal of the back to allow access and to facilitate the repair.

Whatever your technique, this guitar looks and plays brilliantly.

The very occurrence of the problem I had with this guitar was compounded by the lack of any diligent inspection of the instrument over a long period of time, and it certainly points out the necessity for people not to let their instruments lay in cases for decades at a time. Good instruments need a bit of a checkup now and then....Just like we do.

Thanks again, Tony, for performing the impossible.

Lloyd Huckstep's signature
Lloyd Huckstep

Charlie Holliday
3019 Pinehurst Road
Richmond, VA 23228

April 4, '98


The five string fretless neck you created for my bass is the shit!! The fundamentals ring out loud and clear and the details of workmanship is unparalleled. If anybody I meet wants a fretless neck fabricated I will definately reccomend you. The way this bass sounds blends so well with my band's overall sound, I absolutely love it! I have only had the bass for three days, but, I have gotten compliments on its appearance and sound all three nights I played it. Once again thanks for creating the best bass I own.

Charley Holliday,

Penn Farmer
8325 Rolando Drive
Richmond, VA 23229


Dear Tony:

I can not thank you enough for your creation, affectionately entitled the 'Orca Tele'. This guitar plays like no other I have ever touched. In fact, now, no other guitar suits me. The consistancy in tone, fret work, and playability, are unequaled. The transducer bridge that you developed has been utilized in many, many, different situations. No other solid body I have ever seen or played will do what this guitar does for my sound. I use this guitar for everything... jazz, rock, country, and classical. Basically I have gotten rid of all of my other solid body guitars.

In addition to her musical excellence, shes probably the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen; From the 'Orca' inlay, to the extremly flamed top, to the wonderful sunburst finish, she's it!!! This guitar is a masterfully crafted work of art!

Thanks so much Tony...

Penn Farmer,

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