Richard Schneider, Luthier
Spring, 1996 Carlsborg, Washington

"Joanie" # R9-30-94 Schneider Long Model Recording Concert Classical Guitar w/Kasha Soundboard & Bridge.

"Joanie" Back View, Primary and Secondary soundboards are of Western Red Cedar.
Constructed more than 200 guitars to date; approximately sixty hand crafted traditional concert guitars and fifty Schneider/Kasha Model guitars (each a unique design) which bear my personal label. Over 100 prototypes and product instruments were made while consulting to Gibson Guitar Company and Baldwin Piano (Gretch Guitars.)

Conducted eleven annual week long Kasha/Schneider Design masterclass seminars which have been attended by sixty-five students from ten countries.

Invented or collaborated on several patented inventions related to guitar construction, design, and acoustics. Several of these patents are held by Gibson Guitars.

Schneider instruments have been auditioned by many professional classical, Flamenco, folk and jazz guitarists. These auditions provided a valuable method of analysis for the improvement of tonal qualities, balance and power.

Schneider instruments have been played in concert and orchestral performances by numerous artists. Included among these concerts was the premiere performance of the "Franco Concierto Lirico Number Five for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra," performed by guitarist Jeffrey Van with the National Gallery Orchestra, conducted by Richard Bales. The first performance was broadcast nationally on National Public Radio, and has been rebroadcast several times.

Schneider instruments have been used twice in concerts with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra; once in a symphonic orchestral concert and once when they performed with the Seattle Opera Company.

Schneider instruments have been used on recordings by numerous concert artists including Jeffrey Van, Jaun Serrano, John McLaughlin, Theodore Bikel, Gregg Nester, Turan-Mirza Kamal, Kurt Rodarmer and David Franzen.

Invented a completely new design and process utilizing new materials for fretting finger boards. Solid round bars are installed perfectly level into the finger board, eliminating filling and flattening. The result is improved intonation and ease of playing. This design allowed us to add extra frets, giving the instrument four complete octaves, not available before on classical guitars.


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