Richard Schneider, Luthier
Spring, 1996 Carlsborg, Washington

Mr. Schneider in his workshop.

Founded LOST MOUNTAIN CENTER FOR THE GUITAR, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the design, construction and performance of the guitar. At annual seminars I have trained sixty-five students from all over the world in this new, scientifically rational approach to guitar design.

Hosted three guitar festivals called "A Day on Lost Mountain - The Intimate Guitar Festival." New guitar models were presented in concert in various musical venues by several guitarists, along with lectures, demonstrations and poetry readings. Each festival featured an outdoor gourmet salmon dinner for as many as 150 attendees.

Trained twenty-one full-term apprentices in the craft of classical guitar design and construction. Eight of my former apprentices are presently well established and dedicated full-time to making musical stringed instruments.

Designed and built over fifty tools, jigs and fixtures, including an innovative vacuum clamping system; each with specific applications to instrument making.

Schneider's Clamping Vacuum System
Innovations include this silicon rubber vacuum clamping device that enables all soundboard braces to be glued simultaneously... and ensures equal clamping pressure for each brace.
Design and made over 800 pieces of inlaid wood jewelry including the polychromatic "Helical Mosaic Bracelet," which utilized as many as 4,000 pieces of wood."
Luthiery Apprenticeship
1963-1965 Apprenticeship with Juan Pimentel, Mexico City, Mexico
Work Experience
1954-1955 Clerk and Junior Draftsman at Works Engineering, Fisher Body Division, General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan. Assisted chief engineer in coordinating daily activities.
1955-1957 Electrical Draftsman at Lang Engineering Company, Minneapolis Minnesota. Prepared electrical drawings for electrical contractors
1957-1959 Draftsman at Orr-Schelen, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Responsible for basic architectural, electrical and mechanical drawings.
"There's no doubt in my mind this is the standard guitar design that will be followed in the future," said Kurt Rodarmer, concert guitarist.

Estate of Richard Lawrence Schneider
Lost Mountain Center for the Guitar
PO Box 44
Carlsborg, Washington, 98324 USA

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