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A Chronological Retrospective of Research Published During An Undergraduate Quest

Researched Writing

"Intensive study of the rhetorical principles and writing conventions of research-based argumentation. Emphasis on methods and criteria for finding, analyzing, evaluating and documenting information from a variety of print and electronic sources."

Between the Sound of Static and Water Boiling

An application of writing and rhetoric. Explores the relationship of fractals from chaos theory to rhythm in music.

History of Photography

"An investigation in the history of photography. This overview will deal with the chronological development of the art, the role of the photographer, the properties of photography that make it unique and those that ally it to the other visual arts."

New Orleans Photo

A picture is worth a page of words. Describes a photograph I had recently taken.

Felice Frankel and the Merger of Photographic Art and Science

A historical observation of a photographer. Investigates contributions to science imagery made with an eye for design.

The Baroque in Southern Europe

"An investigation of the painting, sculpture and architecture of Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria. The relationship of church and state will be a primary theme of the overview."

Luca Giodano's Life and Interpretation of Saint Paul the Hermit

An evaluation of a painting at the local museum. Compares alternate versions of a Neopolatin mans biography and their effect analyzing his work.

Business Statistics

"Statistical methods employed in the collection and analysis of business and economic data. Statistical thinking, concepts of variability, process studies, data collection, descriptive measures, probability, statistical inference, ANOVA, contingency tables, regression and correlation analysis with emphasis on problem formulation and interpretation of computational results."

Oregon Hill Wireless

A formulated problem and solution using statistics. Experiments with a community wireless broadband adoption survey using a regression model and statistical evaluation.

Survey of Western Art

"Italian Renaissance through Modern. Illustrated lectures and analytical practices will be supported by the student visiting local museums and galleries to examine selected works of art."

Inka Essenhigh and her Green Wave

An evaluation of a painting at the local museum. Follows the tides of a contemporary artist crashing onto the shores at the Virginia Museums.

Organizational Behavior

"Introduction to the determinants and consequences of human behavior and task performance in an organizational setting. Topics include motivation, job design, group development, organizational design, communication, leadership and change."

Virtual Team Collaboration

A team created to for self-reflection. Adopted a virtual team workspace and, managed the life cycle, and reflected on electronic collaboration.

Systems Analysis and Design

"Examines the concepts, tools and techniques used to develop and support computer-based information systems. Systems planning, analysis, design and implementation are covered. Behavioral and model building aspects of systems development are emphasized throughout."

Central Virginia Food Bank

An information system proposal for a local non-profit. Proposed an electronic method of tracking donations and distributions of food.

Museum Collections Planning

"An examination of motivations for collecting, focusing on various approaches to collections planning (e.g., temporal, taxonomic, disciplinary, thematic, individual) as well as semiotic relationships among objects, collectors, collections and museums. Also provides understanding of the roles and responsibilities of curators, collections managers, registrars and conservators as well as an understanding of the structural organization of curatorial/collections staff. Students complete a research paper that demonstrates understanding of the theoretical relationship among objects, collectors, collections and museums."

Book Review: Leah Dilworth, "Acts of Possession: Collecting in America"

A review of the overview textbook.

Let Information Be The Architect

Curate a museum exhibit. Describes research into art history information technology that forges a new method of categorization and interaction - based on viral database aesthetics - to enable each user's unique interaction with the system.

Introduction to Marketing

"An introduction to the activities involving the exchange of goods, services and ideas for the satisfaction of human wants. Marketing is examined as it relates to the other functions of the organization, to consumers and to society."


A market strategy recommendation. Explores the potential for a hybrid coworking coffee club.

Organizational Communication

"A study of interpersonal, team and organizational communication practices in modern dynamic work and virtual environments. This writing-intensive overview includes topics dealing with written business messages, report writing, job search techniques, nonverbal communication, oral presentations and intercultural communication. The focus will include both theoretical constructs and skill development."

Team Knowledge Work

A proposal to enhance the quality, effectiveness, and coordination of research tasks. Adopted a virtual collaborative environment for understanding the diverse tools to locate information on the web, how to evaluate their credibility, and how best to coordinate these activities for our colleagues where face to face meeting is not an alternative.

Fundamentals of Data Communications

"Introduction and overview of computer networks and data communications. Provides an understanding of the underlying concepts of computer networking. Emphasis is placed on terminology, techniques and issues in networking systems."

Western Trucking

Design a network for a rapidly expanding firm. Describes a network upgrade and includes a diagram for the wiring closet.

Art Historiography

"Basic methodology for beginning art history graduate students. An examination of the traditional research methods of the art historical discipline, geared to familiarize students with standards in research and scholarship."

Art flows through the information society

An annotated bibliography. Explores current interpretations of the role, influence, obstacles, and potential for database art in within our societal data archive.

Book Review: Alan Liu, "Laws of Cool"

A review of a text influential to annotated bibliography.

Projects in Information Systems

"The student's behavioral and technical skills are challenged by participating in a systems development description. Appropriate computer assisted software engineering (CASE) tools are used throughout the description, from requirement specification to implementation and testing."

Reach Out VCU

Use a memo to develop an information system. Documents the independent study, conceptualization, and implementation of a digital signage system for the University.

Strategic Management

"Integrative overview to analyze policy issues at the overall management-level involving functional areas such as production, finance and marketing, in context with the economic, political and social environment."

Vodafone Air Touch: The Acquisition of Mannesmann

Analysis of a textbook case. Integrates undergraduate business overviews in a final case study.


Sky Huvard. Bachelor of Science in Business. Information Engineering Major. Art History Minor. Completed Spring 2006.

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