Global Apprenticeship
Pre-registration Survey
The response to the online apprenticeship has been fabulous. We are currently testing new "chat" software and would like to continue to evolve the format. In order to tailor the interactivity of the site to the widest cross section of participants, we ask that those interested in participating in the upcoming session, please take a few moments to complete the following questionnaire. It will be quite beneficial to us in helping to determine the needs of the participants.

Thanx! -- Anthony

First Name: M.I.: Last Name:
Street: Apt.:
City: State: Zip Code:
E-mail: Country:
Phone: Fax :
Date of Birth: Month Day Year
Sex: Male Female Married? Yes No
Credit Card Preference: AMEX Discover MasterCard VISA

Education: What instruments do you play?
Woodworking experience --
Please briefly describe:
Do you have any physical limitations or learning
disabilities? If yes, please explain:
Do you have access to a workshop? Yes No
What kind of tools do you currently own? Portable Power Tools Hand Tools Other
Do you have access to machinery? What kind?
Drillpress Bandsaw Planer Joiner Other
Have you ever built an instrument before?
No Yes... If yes, what kind(s)?
It is your intention to build professionally, or as a hobbyist? Please explain.
Do you have any reservations about how effective this "new fangled" teaching system will work for you? NoYes.
Please share your concerns and comments with us.

What platform will you be using? Mac PC Other
What operating system? MacOS Win95 WinNT Win3.1 UN*X
What web browser do you use? Netscape Internet Explorer Lynx Other:
What is you connection speed? 14.4 28.8 56k 64k 128k Ethernet T1 T3 FDDI
Do you have access to a scanner? Yes No Do you have access to a camera? Yes No
Monitor Information:
Color?: No Yes... # of colors: Monitor Size:

At 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, what is your local time? AM PM
What time is best for you to meet online for chat (Eastern Standard Time)? AM PM
How many hours a week can you devote to the program? Online: In the Workshop:

I'm ready to start now, sign me up.

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