George Wilson, Luthier
Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A.
Featured Builder - Summer, 1996


Lute rose, carved from one piece of boxwood.
The rose was sawn out with a jeweler's saw, then carved.
Unfortunately a viewer damaged the rose,
but I have the small missing piece.


Neck and Peghead of lute, showing marquetry of maple in ebony background, engraved. Small figures are ivory. All of the decorative work done on the instruments is hand work, done mostly with the jeweler's saw.


Fingerboard of a lute made in 1970. Inlays are of ebony and ivory. The scenes show classical events involving musical instruments: Pan teaching Olympus to play the shrinx (pan pipes); a satyr luring a traveler to sleep with a shawm; and Orpheus taming the animals. The collages of instruments, and foliage patterns along the edges are sawn out, replaced with black filler to emphasize the outlines, with details engraved and filled with ink. The first string rider is solid ivory, also engraved.

Closeup of hand work

Closeup of the above instrument -- Pan teaching Olympus to play the pan pipes.


Featured Builder, Summer, 1996 Famous Guitarmaker Internet World Headquarters,