The man who skied down everest

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Once upon a time my dad saw a film of a wild skier who was the first to ride Mount Everest. After years of searching I finally discovered some video clips on the web and the release on DVD. Enjoy learning about the man, mountain, and documentary video.


Mount Everest stands tall in the Himalayan range of High Asia. The English named the mountain for George Everest who surveyed the range in the 1840s. However, the people of Tibet have called the mountain Qomolangma since the 1720s. Quomolangma represents the mother goddess of the Earth in Tibetan language. Because this is the tallest mountain on Earth, many adventurers have set out on a quest to the summit.


Yuichiro Miura is The Man Who Skied Down Everest in 1970. With a 35mm film crew, scientists and sherpas, he climbed the highest peak in the world only to ski down it. This documentary is the first extreme ski movie. He rode 6,600 vertical feet in 140 seconds, fell 1,320 feet and then stopped 250 feet from the bergschrund. Miura continued to challenge himself and became the oldest person to summit Everest in 2003. Unfazed from two surgeries to control atrial fibrillation as a result, he again stood atop Everest in 2008 at age 75 with his son Gota.

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i heard there was one where the guy skis up everest's kinda like this one but in reverse..

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