1977 Establishes "The WoodBank," a co-operative specializing in the acquisition and distribution of professional instrument making supplies, tone woods, and tools. "The WoodBank" purchased materials in bulk quantities and distributed them to consortiums of builders nationwide.

July: opens "Workshop 7" in Seattle's Greenlake District, a store specializing in professional quality repairs and selling the esoteric tools of the craft, books and the instruments designed and built by the students of NSID.

August: Publishes the first commerical* fret scale handbook -- every scale from 325mm to 900mm in 5mm increments was computer generated, "velobound," and self-published and distributed to builders through "The WoodBank." (*I believe the first computer generated fret scales can be attributed to a collaboration between Dr. Micheal Kasha and Mr. Richard Schnieder in the latter part of the 1960's.)

1978 Formal demonstration of the craft for Seattle Arts Commission "Bumbershoot '78" Arts festival at the Crafts Pavillon, Seattle Center. Develops D-2 large body acoustic guitar of Port Orford cedar and Acacia Koa with built-in microphones for sound reinforcement.
1979 NSID profiled in May issue article in "By Hand" magazine, the quarterly publication of "Friends of Crafts."

"Bumbershoot '79" at Coliseum Craft Booth of Seattle Center. Mr. Huvard and staff of NSID exhibit a comprehensive display of the craft and its associated skills. Visitors participated in "hands-on" activities, as the staff built musical instruments 'on site' with hand tools. A wide array of exquisitely crafted musical instruments was displayed.

NSID granted tax-exempt status as a non-profit educational institution.

1980 NSID opens "Mountain Studio" in the Snoqualmie National Forest town of Skykomish, Washington, teaching formal full-time entry level apprenticeships. NSID is profiled in an article in Guitar and Lute Magazine, April issue
1981 May: Anthony and Susan Huvard celebrate the homebirth of their son, Sky Wood Huvard, and, seeking solitude, close NSID and relocate to the east coast to reunite with family.