Anthony Huvard has been building musical instruments professionally since 1964, building by hand, one of a kind, and one at a time; he's produced an estimated 400 unique instruments, and executed more than 7,500 repairs. He is acknowledged internationally as an expert instructor and lecturer on the craft. He resides with his son, Sky at "Oakie Doke Farm" in rural New Kent County, Virginia, where he continues to work full-time in the craft.

1964 Produced first guitar for resale -- an electric guitar in the style of the Stratocaster, for the local rock band "The Roadrunners" -- Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
1969While a student at the University of Hawaii, Anthony participated in his first formal apprenticeship with a master builder, Mr. George Gilmore, Professor of Guitar and Lute at the University of Hawaii. Pioneers the use of synthetic materials for ornamentation by using fiberglass resin tints to create opalescent, marbleized rosettes and purflings.

Experiments with Western Red Cedar and California Redwood tops as an alternative to European and domestic spruces and begins using indigenous hardwoods for instrument bodies.

1970 Runs Repair Department at Honolulu's Guitar &Lute Workshop, where he developed the first neck-straightening heat press, and various other jigs for effecting complex repairs on guitars and historical reproductions. Uses ultraviolet lamps to trace repair history of antique instruments and as a catalyst to accelerate the drying time of traditional varnishes.
1971 Lecture Series "State of the Craft; Finding alternatives to tropical hardwoods for guitar construction" -- Rio DeJaneiro, Brazil

Establishes 'Guitar &Lute Workshop,' Hillbrow Highpoint, Johannesburg, South Africa, producing concert quality instruments for amateur and professional musicians, begins formal training with Van DeGheest, master violinmaker and apprentices in hand tool woodworking with Mr. Roland Vincer, European trained cabinetmaker.

1972 Accepts first two private apprentices: Mr. Brian Cohen and 13-year-old Angelo Ripamonti.
1973 Featured Artist, Johannesburg "Star" Magazine, "He is indeed a lucky man -- he makes guitars by hand."

Lecturing in "Lute Design" -- at 'Guitar &Lute Workshop,' Johannesburg, and "Guitarmaking" -- Capetown, South Africa.

1974 November, completes production of "Luthier," Josh Spencer and SABC producers. A full color documentary on guitarmaking, focusing on the work and teaching of Anthony Huvard. Developed for broadcast in English and Afrikaans for South African television and European distribution.