Richard Schneider

Richard Lawrence Schneider
Master Luthier

We were all shocked and deeply saddened at the loss of our good friend and colleague, Richard Lawrence Schneider. He died, unexpectedly, in the early hours of Friday, January, 31, 1997. And even though we feel that his work was not done on this earth, he certainly lived a full life during his 60 years.

Born on March 5th, 1936 in Michigan, therein he also attended primary and secondary schools, going on to University in Minnesota. After serving two years in the army he apprenticed to Maestro Juan Pimental in Mexico. This was to be the most dramatic turning point in his life. He dedicated all his time to making the best classical guitars from that time on. He soon owned his own guitar studio and workshop, enabling him to not only repair guitars, but to begin building them. He also provided instruction and apprenticeship programs to further the art of building fine acoustic instruments.

Collaboration initiated in 1967 with Michael Kasha, Ph.D., of Florida State University. Over the next thirty years they worked together to develop innovative acoustical designs for the classical guitar. Although these changes to the guitar were not without controversy, during the last few years Richard finally began receiving the respect he rightly deserved. He definitely was on top of the world!

He is survived by his brother, Donald Schneider, his sisters, Theodora Schneider-Polla, Janice Allen and Rev. Karen Thompson, and his daughter Anne Dwyer.

A celebration of Richard's life was held at the John Wayne Marina in Sequim, Washington, on Friday, February 7th, 1997. There was a large crowd in attendance that shared music, stories, anecdotes, laughter and tears. Following the huge salmon feast, just as he was known to put on at his festivals on Lost Mountain, was a tribute concert by Christina Kelly, Andre Feriante, David Franzen, and Kurt Rodarmer.

Although we have lost a great man, we will continue the work he was so dedicated to... the future of the guitar.

Jay T. Hargreaves

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